TV Report March 3, 2024: The Roosters hit the jackpot at the Las Vegas NRL 2024 kick-off

TV Report

A couple votes to leave at the Commitment Ceremony on MAFS.

TV Report March 3, 2024:


Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with another Commitment Ceremony incoming on Married at First Sight. 

As the couples woke up from a tumultuous Dinner Party, Jayden was still reeling from the fight between him and Timothy and just wants to know if Timothy sees a romantic future with Lucinda. Down the hall, Lucinda’s show of support for Timothy at the Dinner Party has left the couple feeling a sense of unity and respect for one another.

Jack was anxious going into this Commitment Ceremony after meeting up with Tori’s friend Lea, who opened his eyes as to how committed Tori had become to her relationship with him.

First on the couch was Ellie and Ben, and the nervous energy was felt around the room as the other couples witnessed the public breakup between the two at last night’s Dinner Party. After expert advice and opinion, both decided to write leave.

Eden and Jayden are going strong, but a different relationship rating from Eden and Jayden through a spanner in the works. While Eden gave the relationship a 7 out of 10, she thinks she can get to a 9.5 on the scale of love but wants more quality time together. They both wrote stay. 

Cassandra and Tristan both wrote stay and Jade and Ridge both wrote stay. 

Although Andrea and Richard were at odds due to a lack of intimacy compared to the start of the experiment, Richard thought they had the potential to go long-term and said that he was in. They both stay. Lucinda and Timothy also had a turnaround due to the friends and family meeting. They both write stay.

Stephen dropped a bombshell on Michael revealing that while he thinks he’s a good-looking guy on paper, he is not physically attracted to him because Michael is more feminine than what he’s normally drawn to. Despite the shock confession, they both write to stay. 

The remaining couples Lauren and Johnathan, Sara and Tim and Tori and Jack also all decided to stay. 


60 Minutes

Over on 60 Minutes, the team spoke to Australia’s top spy who revealed the country’s greatest threats; a forgotten victim of the Salt Creek monster told their story and Aussie BMX champ Saya Sakakibara spoke on how she is beating her demons.

NRL Sunday Footy: Las Vegas 2024 season kick-off – Roosters V Broncos

Sunday afternoon also saw the return of the NRL, with the season kicking off for the first time in Las Vegas. The game, played at Allegiant Stadium saw the Roosters go up against the Broncos with the Roosters winning 20-10.


Australian Idol

Over on Seven, one contestant was sent straight to the top eight as each singer was given three songs to choose from – one picked by each judge. The catch of the episode was the singer didn’t know who chose the song.

The judges ultimately decided to give Drea the fast pass straight to the top eight, giving her immunity from the public’s vote. 

King Con Life & Crimes of Hamish McLaren

Seven’s documentary special followed how Hamish McLaren conned millions from friends, family and lovers and how he was finally caught.


The Sunday Project

The Sunday Project saw the program look into a new endometriosis drug being approved, showcased the mobile vet helping those most in need and interviewed American model Crystal Hefner.

Australian Survivor

On 10’s Australian Survivor, Eden’s surprise exit leaves eleven still competing. Unexpectedly, the six OG Rebels – Feras, Aileen, Raymond, Alex, Rianna and Kirby voted together, and Jaden flipped to secure the vote. 

Feeling vulnerable, Caroline grovels to Feras for betraying him and he tossed her a lifeline. Kirby has taken a backseat since the merge while she determined where the alliances were forming. She wants to work with Feras but Aileen has become a wedge between them, so Kirby wants her gone. 


Death in Paradise

The team investigated the murder of an estate agent during the private sale of a picturesque beach and discovered the buyers were victims of a scam. Meanwhile, Marlon leads a counterfeit good case to impress the commissioner. 


Lost Scrolls of Vesuvius

Professor Alice Roberts looked into the science being used by computer scientist Professor Brent Seales as he attempts to be the first person in nearly 2,000 years to read inside hundreds of ancient scrolls found at the archaeological site of Herculaneum in Italy.

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