TV Ratings October 9: Survivor finale on Ten has 800k+ watching

Mediaweek editor James Manning examines last night’s TV ratings.

• The Block stands strong against two-and-a-half-hour Survivor finale
• Sharn makes one final mistake on Survivor: Picking Shane Gould
• Seven’s The Good Doctor and ABC’s Exposed battle for viewers


Home And Away crept a little higher last night. After starting the week on 618,000, the audience grew to 639,000.

The second and final episode of Queen Of The World did 553,000, taking third spot in the slot.

The Good Doctor struggled too, compared to its history. The second episode this season did 587,000 after the season launched last week on 712,000. Opposition in the slot included the Survivor decision and the final of Exposed with the ABC doco out-rating Doctor in Sydney and Melbourne. Expect the consolidated numbers for The Good Doctor to lift the overnight result considerably though.


A Current Affair was again under 800,000 with 772,000 after 769,000 on Monday.

The Block featured all the contestants doing their best in the one apartment – and some quirky wallpaper. Despite the final of Survivor elsewhere, The Block audience stayed strong on 929,000 after 961,000 on Tuesday last week.

The season final of True Story With Hamish & Andy featured an all-star cast for its audience of 566,000. That is bang on 567,000 watching last week. A repeat episode last night then did 421,000.


Hamish Macdonald was reporting live from the Sydney Opera House at the end of The Project last night with 512,000 watching. Covering the Survivor finale was Dave Thornton in Fiji.

The Survivor finale came in three parts and didn’t disappoint. The Finale episode did 862,000, the Winner Announced was on 877,000 and then the Reunion did 609,000.

The numbers were up year-on-year. In 2017 the Finale did 720,000, The Winner Announced was on 787,000 and the Reunion did 508,000.

Brian bombed out in the final immunity challenge when he accidentally lifted his hand to take off his cap. Shane had earlier exited, no doubt hoping the eventual winner would pick her to go to Tribal Council.

That is what happened. But it was the crucial mistake Sharn made after getting to the final two – the jury ended up liking Shane more, with the champion swimmer beating the superstar lawyer by just one vote.

The series will be back next year and it is currently taking applications for contestants. During the Reunion episode all contestants were thrilled by the experience and each said they’d return in a heartbeat.

Special mention again to the team from Endemol Shine – it is hard to think of a better-looking show on Australian TV.


Exposed: The Case Of Keli Lane ended last night with 572,000 after 8.30pm. The series launched two weeks ago with 558,000 and then did 513,000 last week. It will be fascinating to see what reporter Caro Meldrum-Hanna does next. A Facebook group for Exposed now has over 11,000 members.

Earlier in the night Ask The Doctor did 441,000 while later Tick Fucking Tock did 362,000.


Great Continental Railway Journeys did good business again with 268,000.

Insight then did 200,000 followed by Dateline on 146,000.

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