TV Ratings October 25: Gogglebox and The Bachelorette make TEN competitive

Mediaweek deputy editor Kruti Joshi examines last night’s TV ratings.

• Gogglebox and The Bachelorette Australia make TEN competitive
• News, ACA and Paramedics give Nine #1 primary share, Seven and TEN tie on 16.6%


The news and its early evening programs helped the channel record a primary share of 16.6%.

Seven News was the most-watched program of the night. The first half starting at 6pm had 860,000 watching. Home and Away was its most-watched non-news program with 554,000 tuning in.


The channel had the winning primary share of 19.1%. The 6pm news was its most-watched program with an audience of 790,000. A Current Affair had 690,0000 watching. Paramedics was the channel’s highest-ranking non-news program at #9. It attracted an audience of 588,000.

Also in the top 20 last night were RBT, Driving Test and Hot Seat.


Gogglebox Australia was last night’s most-watched non-news show and TEN’s highest-ranking show. It ranked #5 and had 745,000 people watching. The program was a winner in all demo groups.

The discussion points from last night’s episode of The Bachelorette were: Ali’s medieval-inspired hairstyle during the single date with Taite and the drama between Bill and Charlie. While the episode was meant to be about the feud between the two bachelors, Ali’s hairstyle easily managed to upstage that on social media. The episode, which established Taite as a frontrunner to win Ali’s heart, had 589,000 watching.

The Project did 402,000.


ABC News was its most-watched program with an audience of 634,000. 7.30 did 505,000.

Invictus Today had 342,000 tuning in.


Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain By Drone was the channel’s best with an audience of 248,000.

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