TV Ratings March 25: News and MAFS both set records

• Best of the rest: Hard Quiz, Bondi Rescue, The Front Bar

• More record news audiences: Nine, Seven both 1.2m+, ABC 1m
• MAFS sets a record too with 1.2m+ for final dinner party
• Best of the rest: Hard Quiz, Bondi Rescue, The Front Bar

Nine News has hit a new high and ABC has made it to 1m viewers. Seven continues to rank #1 across the metro markets with its national audience close to 2m at 6pm. The metro Nine and Seven 6pm broadcasts are edging closer to 1.3m.

Seven News 6pm
Monday 1,234,000/1,211,000
Tuesday 1,275,000/1,232,000
Wednesday 1,277/1,260,000

The Latest Seven News
Monday 649,000
Tuesday 630,000
Wednesday 603,000

Nine News 6pm
Monday 1,193,000/1,171,000
Tuesday 1,196,000/1,141,000
Wednesday 1,260,000/1,215,000
Highest ratings Nine News in close to five years.

A Current Affair
Monday 890,000
Tuesday 886,000
Wednesday 940,000
Highest rating episode in over 12 months.

Nine News Special COVID-19
Monday 570,000
Tuesday 1,071,000
Wednesday 803,000

10 News First 5pm
Monday 571,000
Tuesday 525,000
Wednesday 541,000

10 News First 6pm
Monday 380,000
Tuesday 337,000
Wednesday 299,000

The Project 6.30/7pm
Monday 423,000/623,000
Tuesday 426,000/614,000
Wednesday 384,000/602,000

ABC News 7pm
Monday 955,000
Tuesday 997,000
Wednesday, 1,000,000

Monday 911,000
Tuesday 873,000
Wednesday 888,000

SBS World News 6.30pm
Monday 192,000
Tuesday 189,000
Wednesday 193,000

Breakfast TV

Sunrise 379,000
Today 314,000
News Breakfast 301,000

Sunrise 347,000
Today 261,000
News Breakfast 271,000

Sunrise 351,000
Today 276,000
News Breakfast 280,000
Second-highest rating Today episode of 2020.

Nine: After two nights of final dates on Married at First Sight it was time for the final dinner party. Episode 32 gave further clues as to who might make it out in the real world with an audience of 1,206,000 which is the biggest yet in 2020. Later in the night Footy Classified went to air around 10pm in AFL markets. The episode featured Eddie McGuire and Caroline Wilson alone at separate ends of the desk with reporter Sam McClure contributing from a stool on the other side of the studio that he shared with Matthew Lloyd. The episode did 161,000 with 111,000 in Melbourne.

Seven: The network went with Highway Patrol after the 8pm finish of The Latest. The Front Bar is continuing with the footy with the hosts spread across the complete width of the bar. Guests were remote and poor Skype audio stopped a new interview with the show’s first ever guest, AFLW footballer Lily Mithen. No sign of new recruit Andy Lee. Seven’s Tim Watson was a running gag as the sole audience member. The show did 311,000 with 186,000 in Melbourne.

10: With no Survivor on Wednesday the channel’s share slumped to single figures. An hour of Bondi Rescue went to air after 7.30pm with 452,000 watching the first episode and then 408,000 watching the second. It was the best episode in close to two years.

Two episodes of Bull then did 244,000 and 189,000.

ABC: Hard Quiz made the top 10 at 8pm with 809,000. Mad As Hell started with COVID-19 observations with 757,000 watching. You Can’t Ask That was a special on nudity with the audience just short of 500,000. The episode last week with contributors wearing clothes was just short of 400,000. The final episode of the season of Adam Hills: The Last Leg went to air without an audience and the host wondering what the world will be like when he returns in six weeks. The episode did 311,000 after premiering earlier in the week on ABC Comedy. There was actually no episode of Revelation screened last night. Two episodes will be screened next week – Tuesday and Thursday.

SBS: The channel hasn’t wasted any time getting Tony Robinson’s History of Britain to air with 246,000 watching after 254,000 last week.

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