TV Ratings December 8, 2023: Sixers beat the Renegades by 8 runs at the SCG

TV Ratings

The Chase saw 468,000 tune in.

• A Current Affair saw 464,000

Total TV Ratings, December 1

ABC had the program with the highest lift on total TV Ratings as Under The Vines lifted 30% for 445,000.

On Nine, A Current Affair increased by 8% to deliver a total TV Ratings audience of 714,000.

Overnight TV Ratings, December 8

Seven inched out the Friday night primary channel and network shares with 21.8% and 32.8%, respectively. 7TWO won the multichannels with 4.1%.

Seven’s The Chase aired to 468,000, while Friday’s Big Bash League game saw the Sydney Sixers take on the Melbourne Renegade, with the Sixers winning by 8 runs at the SCG. 332,000 tuned in.

Nine’s A Current Affair saw 464,000 tune-in as the program met a pair of ‘Golden Girls’ who are retired housemates beating the cost of living crunch together. Nine also aired For The Love Of Pets to 227,000.

On ABC, Gardening Australia topped entertainment with 317,000, as Costa made a spinning compost bin, Jerry talked edible tree leaves, Millie met a pair of foodie gardeners and Josh planted watermelons. Under the Vines also saw 193,000 tune in as Louis decided to make a bold declaration of his feelings for Daisy. 

On 10, 155,000 tuned into The Project and The Bold and The Beautiful clocked 137,000 viewers. 

The highest-rated non-news program on SBS was Lost Treasures of Egypt with 78,000.

TV Ratings


Credlin saw 44,000 tune in on Sky News.

The Big Bash: Sixers v Renegades on FOX Cricket saw 114,000 tune in as the Sixers won by 8 runs. 

TV Ratings

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