TV Ratings August 7: The Block audience dips, Nine clear Tuesday winner

Mediaweek editor James Manning recaps last nights TV ratings.

• The Block audience dips below 1m, but Nine clear Tuesday winner
• Final episodes of Interview With Andrew Denton & War On Waste


After opening its week just over 700,000, Home And Away did 672,000 last night.

The second episode of Dance Boss did 573,000 after launching with 599,000.

The final episode of Interview With Andrew Denton did 473,000.


A Current Affair was on 869,000 after 854,000 on Monday.

The first Tuesday of The Block was down on its previous episodes, but it was still the biggest entertainment show and well ahead of its competitors.

The Block: Season 14, Week 1

Sunday 1.16m

Monday 1.13m

Tuesday 921,000

True Story With Hamish & Andy launched its second season with 749,000. The first four episodes last year were all over 1m, but in an earlier timeslot on a different night.

Although Working Dog powered the TEN schedule on Sunday and Monday this week, it helped Nine last night too. Rob Sitch was a guest star in True Story and then Nine showed the Aussie classic The Castle with 368,000 watching.


Pointless was on 274,000 after 288,000 on Monday.

The Project did 272,000 and then 491,000 after 7pm.

Survivor was on 610,000, up from 592,000 on Monday. Contender Steve dodged a bullet at the first tribal council, but they voted him off last night.

Shark Tank then did 371,000.


Foreign Correspondent did 527,000 at 8pm.

The final episode of War On Waste did 644,000 after 512,000 last week.


The repeat episode of Who Do You Think You Are? featured Peter Garrett with 134,000 watching

Insight then featured video gamers with an audience of 145,000.

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