TV Ratings April 17: Seven well in front as Andrew Denton added to winning Tuesday schedule

Mediaweek editor James Manning looks at last night’s TV ratings.

• As anticipation builds about the blowup, MKR records another 1.3m
• Seven well in front as Interview added to winning Tuesday schedule
• The Voice gets a sore throat as audience declines – are more streaming?
• SBS audiences climb for return of Who Do You Think You Are?


Two nights of Home and Away this week recorded audiences of 784,000 on Monday and 746,000 last night.

The audience has been waiting for this My Kitchen Rules blowup for ages. The much-anticipated expulsion finally happens tonight and the drama has built solid audiences this week with 1.31m last night. The war between MKR princesses Jess and Emma and queens Sonya and Hadil fired up after another scathing attack. As the table drama escalated, so too did the scores for the food with siblings Henry and Anna shooting to top place on the leaderboard with a 10/10 lemon tart. They have a total of 86 points, 34 ahead of second-placed Jess and Emma.

There had also been much anticipation about the return of Andrew Denton to Seven. The social media commentary was mixed during and after the show. If there was any recurring theme it was that people were happy to have Denton back but perhaps disappointed with the guests on the first episode. The first episode still managed to win its timeslot. Although 500,000+ at that time of night is a reasonable number, the show had a 1.3m lead-in and the audience numbers dropped significantly across the hour, just as they would though on most programs now at that time of night.

At times Interview felt like watching a floating set with either the camera or the set moving as the Campbells spoke. The Robert Plant segment was our favourite with Denton teasing before an ad break: “Is it true Bjorn from ABBA actually took you to a Swedish sex club?”

Grey’s Anatomy followed on 144,000.

Read below our marathon Five Days of Denton features in the lead-up to the launch of interview.

Day 1: Andrew Denton and Jon Casimir on Seven’s interview format
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Blowing a $200k inheritance on drugs and clothes plus supermarket technology were the most intriguing stories on A Current Affair, which did 839,000 after 859,000 on Monday.

Episode three of The Voice saw the series deep into the Blind Auditions with a former contestant creating a bit of a fuss last night. The numbers have dropped significantly each night this week and are down also from week one last year where all made it over 1m. Indeed it wasn’t until episode 12 in 2017 that the audience dipped (just) below 1m. The crowd last night was the smallest ever for the format.

• Nine EP John Walsh on The Voice 2018 and 25 years of Getaway

The numbers for the first week of The Voice 2018:

Sunday 1.02m
Monday 930,000
Tuesday 822,000

Episode seven of Date Night then did 239,000.

The 2006 Jennifer Aniston movie The Break-Up followed with 117,000.


Daniel Ricciardo and Tommy Little were telling their stories on The Project with the Tuesday episode on 560,000.

Episode 11 of Bachelor In Paradise featured Jarrod and Keira’s first date with 660,000 watching after 676,000 a week ago and 676,000 on Monday.

Hughesy, We Have a Problem then did 459,000 followed by two NCIS: Los Angeles episodes on 264,000 and then 166,000.


Under the consumer microscope on The Checkout were issues around buying a mattress and transaction fees for online shopping. The episode did 387,000 after 417,000 a week ago.

The final episode of Employable Me Australia did 434,000 followed by a repeat of Louis Theroux: Drinking To Oblivion, which did 255,000.


A new local series of Who Do You Think You Are? launched at 7.30pm with Noni Hazlehurst featured. The series returned with an audience of 430,000, which is the best SBS audience so far this year.

An episode of Insight subtitled Weddings, Dollars and Dowries then did 267,000.

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