TV Demand: Cobra Kai never dies with second life on Netflix

Cobra Kai

• The Umbrella Academy is still #1 on all four charts

It is true what they say in the Karate Kid universe, ‘Cobra Kai never dies’, with the show enjoying a surge of popularity after being picked up by Netflix after its initial run on Youtube Premium

With Netflix putting the first two seasons of the show in front of a much larger audience than ever before, Cobra Kai has been enjoying a new level of brand penetration in recent weeks. This success has seen it shoot up the Digital Original charts despite not releasing any new content this year, with season three expected in 2021, the first season produced by Netflix.

The series is a direct sequel to The Karate Kid (1984) and sees Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprising their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. While the original was very cut and dry in regards to who the protagonist (Macchio/LaRusso) and antagonist (Zabka/Lawrence) was, the new series blur the lines and revisit the original story from a new perspective with Macchio and Zabka performing as joint protagonists in the series.

With fans left to wait till next year for new content from the Netflix deal, there has been a very small sneak peek provided that reveals the show will be going to Japan to examine the past of the deceased Mr. Miyagi who was played by Pat Morita.

While Cobra Kai enjoyed a good week that saw it shoot up to #6 on the Overall TV Chart in Australia, there is still no beating The Umbrella Academy which topped both the Digital Original and Overall TV chart in Australia and New Zealand yet again.

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