Top 25 Media People 2015: ABC612 presenter Spencer Howson

Top 25 Media People in 2015: ABC612 breakfast host Spencer Howson

With the start of the new year, we take a look back at the top 25 media personalities who stood out in the Australian media landscape in 2015.

ABC612 Breakfast Host

Spencer HowsonA funny thing happened to ABC Local Radio Brisbane breakfast host Howson in 2015: his direct competition disappeared. Howson, a presenter who has credited his years-long repeated top-of-the-ratings success to the focus his show places on local news and stories, became the only talkback breakfast host geographically based in Brisbane. Previously a two-horse race, Brisbane talkback had been serviced by ABC Local Radio and 4BC. In a cost-cutting and programming measure, it was decided to replace much of 4BC’s local content with programming broadcast from Sydney. Instead of competing against local identities Ian Skippen and Loretta Ryan at 4BC, Howson is now competing against Alan Jones.


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