Mediaweek radio wrap: Sydney leaders 2GB and WSFM

The ambitious plan starts in Sydney this week with a look at the market leaders.

Today we start the second big radio week at Mediaweek. After detailed analysis and features around the results for survey five last week, we now dig even deeper and present new data and insights about every commercial station around Australia. The ambitious plan starts in Sydney this week with a look at the market leaders.

2GB 10+ 14.1%, Breakfast 16.9%

The last two survey results have been the best in over two years.

Cume audience: 10+ 677,000, Breakfast 484,000

Survey wins: Alan Jones has been #1 for 213 surveys. Ray Hadley has won 114 consecutive surveys.

Alan Jones reminded listeners today how powerful his program is with an exclusive 30-minute interview with Australia’s new prime minister Scott Morrison. Jones will also be a guest on the ABC’s Q&A tonight and he is a regular Sky News contributor too. Jones got involved in the Save Watsons Bay movement today and interviewed local resident and Oscar-winner George Miller about moves to hand over public spaces to private enterprise.

Ray Hadley too did well in survey five posting a record high 19.0% share. 2GB’s key demos were really humming last survey too – 55-64 up 3.4 to 19.0% and 65+ up 0.3 to 32.7%.

Elsewhere at the station:

• Nights with Steve Price #1 in Nights (Monday to Thursday 8pm-12am) with 17.7%, and Luke Davis #1 (Friday 10pm-12am) at 18.8%.
• Overnight with Michael McLaren #1 in weekday Overnights (12am-5:30am) with 19.7%.
• Weekends #1 overall (6am-6pm) with 13.6% including The Garden Clinic, George and Paul and the Continuous Call Team.
George and Paul #1 on Weekend Mornings (9am-1pm) with an increased share of 17.2%, up 2.8%.

Macquarie Media chief executive officer Adam Lang said:

“We are absolutely delighted that News Talk 2GB 873 has again been awarded the position of the number one radio station in Sydney. 114 consecutive survey wins show that 2GB continues to earn the premier status of being Sydney’s favourite radio station. This is the highest result for the station in over five years and we thank our listeners for their continued support.

“Our award-winning rugby league broadcasters, the Continuous Call Team, are in excellent form in 2018, which gives us excellent access to new listeners through the winter.”

WSFM 10+ 11.3%, Breakfast 10.3%

Cume audience: 10+ 758,000, Breakfast 418,000

This ARN station just keeps getting stronger with record shares 10+ (11.3%) and in breakfast (10.3%). Jonesy and Amanda have pushed ahead of Kyle and Jackie O to be #1 FM with a lead over their ARN stable mates of 1.0.

This morning Jonesy and Amanda started new competitions, one of which will culminate with a car giveaway this week. In addition to the regular features the show today offered Munce’s guide to rap music, which was lots of fun. The two hosts have a on-air relationship as good as or better than most breakfast teams. On Sunday Jonesy actually dropped in on his co-host at her Eastern suburbs home to check out her new kitchen. This led to an interesting discussion/debate about dishwashers this morning!

Share jumped right across the day at the station this survey with Jason Staveley in drive up 1.6 to 9.9%, where he is #2 in Sydney drive overall. Weekday morning host Mike Hammond was up 0.6 to maintain FM leadership on 13.2% while afternoons with Steve Fitton did 14.5%, a jump of 1.4. The cool kids seem to be liking Jonesy and Amanda and the music mix with share 18-24 up a staggering 10.9 to 18.5%. That’s a bigger share than the station gets 40-54 and 55-64. Expect that demo to resume normal service in future books.

ARN national content director Duncan Campbell told Mediaweek: “The momentum for the station has continued to build. The fantastic breakfast result for Jonesy and Amanda has been mirrored across the workday where the figures are also extraordinary.

“What we have done on WSFM has introduced personality daytimes again with Mike Hammond, Steve Fitton and Jason Staveley. These are all announcers who are very experienced and have passion, delivering entertaining radio. That is something that shouldn’t be ignored when looking at these results and it is something that differentiates us from others.”

Tomorrow: Nova Entertainment’s powerful Sydney double

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