Radio Chaser calls on able-bodied Aussies to support National Sickie Day

• Radio Chaser has declared next Friday 28th June National Sickie Day

With the flu season spiralling out of control, there have been increased calls from medical health professionals to stay at home if you think you may be sick.

In fact, taking a sickie may be the most valuable thing you do this flu season, that’s according to a push from Triple M’s Radio Chaser team.

To raise awareness for what they have labelled an important cause, Radio Chaser has declared next Friday 28th June National Sickie Day, and launched a website, where people can pledge to chuck a sickie to support the cause.

So 100,000 people have pledged to chuck a sickie next Friday.

There have been some questions raised about National Sickie Day however, after it was realised the date chosen for the national bludge was in fact the last day of rostered on work for many in the radio industry as it breaks for a two-week winter radio relax from Monday July 1.

“We are calling on all able-bodied Australians to join an important public health initiative, pledge their support and chuck a sickie next Friday,” said Charles Firth, the Executive Director of National Sickie Day.

“Who knows, there might be a new strain of Ebola that is symptomless until it’s too late. We just don’t know. So it’s best if everyone stays at home next Friday – just in case they’re sick.

We have partnered with some of the best-looking stock-photo doctors in the world who probably would endorse this campaign if they knew their image was being used to promote it,” said Firth.

“Now pardon me, I think I might be coming down with something, so I think I might go home just in case.”

Firth added: “With the casualisation of the workforce, tons of Australians don’t get sickies anymore. Even though they’re proven to be important and safer for everyone. We want to raise awareness that sickies are good and should exist for everyone.”

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