Podcast Week: Nova grows portfolio, Global Truths, Fox Cricket, Lady-Brains

• “The recent launch of The Babble was the first and the flagship podcast for the Nova digital brand”

Nova Entertainment ready to grow podcast portfolio

Andrew Brentnall (pictured) is the managing editor of the Nova Network digital sites and he tells Mediaweek he is ready to oversee an expansion of the podcast portfolio after the recent launch of The Babble with Nat Bass and Matty J.

Brentnall was unable to put a number on just how many podcasts they will launch in 2020, but he did reveal they are looking at a number of new genres.

The media executive joined Nova Entertainment 12 months ago after arriving from the UK in 2013 and working for Endemol Shine Australia and then Universal Music and Marquee Studios.

In addition to looking after video generated by Nova radio shows across the network, his brief includes original audio series. “The recent launch of The Babble was the first and the flagship podcast for the Nova digital brand,” said Brentnall. “We will be expanding the portfolio in the new year with more original podcasts that will be completely produced in-house.

There have been other Nova original podcasts previously, but they sit under the Nova partnership with Acast.

The Babble has already had seven episodes and immediately ranked #1 in the TV and Film category, according to Brentnall. “The listens have been increasing each week since launch.”

Now with a bigger audience, Nova will take the podcast to market looking for a commercial partner as season two gets underway in late January.

As to portfolio expansion, Brentnall said: “We are looking into the niche genres that the Nova audience consumes. The Babble is very complimentary to the Nova brand on-air. It is all about reality television and celebrity. But we are also looking into different areas linked to what is being consumed on our websites.”

When questioned about quantity, Brentnall did surrender some information: “There will definitely be more than one,” he laughed. He did hint at a couple of “ideas on the table” that might include a “Nova spin on fiction as well as something linked to dating”.

While Jay Walkerden remains Nova’s lead on podcasting, Brentnall works closely with him. “The teams work together on production and promotion.”

Listen to The Babble here.

Dr Keith Suter examines US presidential candidates

Amongst the growing army of talent at PodcastOne is Dr Keith Suter who hosts the series Global Truths. The Sunrise regular is a global futurist and media commentator on national and foreign affairs and is renowned for explaining complex global and business issues in a way his audiences can digest and understand.

The internationally recognised academic – three doctorates from Deakin and Sydney Uni – this week releases Global Truths episode 90 and looks at Democratic frontrunner Elizabeth Warren. The story of Elizabeth Warren’s rise to become the democratic front runner has been fascinating to follow. Dr Suter tells the history of candidate Warren’s lower middle-class upbringing, her academic leadership and how she made a name for herself fighting against the banks.

Listen to Global Truths here.

Fox Sports cricket podcast as Kiwis takes on Australia

Amongst the growing portfolio of Fox Sports podcasts is their cricket series The Follow-On. With a library of 67 podcasts behind them, the podcast is sponsored by Toyota. The most recent episode was uploaded this week ahead of the start of the First Test against New Zealand from Perth today.

The podcast is hosted by Foxsports.com.au’s Tom Morris and his colleagues Jacob Kuriype and Brenton Cherry. The main focus is on the New Zealanders with the reminder their team is a formidable outfit. However, there is also talk about the pitch issues at the MCG with the Boxing Day Test only 14 days away.

Listen to The Follow-On here.

Lady-Land meets Swedish marketing guru Babba Rivera

What does it take to market a product to the millennial audience? One of our favourite podcasts helps answer that question this week. The latest episode from PodcastOne’s Lady-Land features Babba Rivera.

In the episode the hosts, Lady-Brains co-founders Caitlin Judd and Anna Mackenzie, speak with the Swedish-born brand marketing guru.

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At 21 Rivera launched Uber into Sweden, making Stockholm the fastest growing launch city ever. At 25, she landed herself on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She’s been the head of marketing at Away, the direct-to-consumer luggage start-up that was recently valued at over $1 billion. And as if that wasn’t enough, she founded her own brand and marketing agency ByBabba, and is the co-founder of HER Network, a global community that supports women in the workplace. 

“Her insights are inspiring and are great food for thought,” said Lady-Brains. “We covered a lot in this chat, including: How she created the opportunity for herself at Uber at such a young age. How she built Uber in Sweden by targeting early adopters in the tech community. How she landed a role at Uber in NYC by pitching herself a new role to her boss. Working as head of fashion partnerships at Uber in NYC. Transitioning to Away at a time of insane growth, and how she coped working in such a chaotic environment. The decision to quit her full-time role and start her own brand marketing agency. How to market to millennials, and how to make it meaningful. Her experience working with huge brands like Bumble & Glossier. Co-founding the HER Global Network, and how she landed on the decision to introduce a paid membership model.”

Find out more about the show and join the team at www.ladybrains.com.au Follow Lady-Brains on Instagram at lady.brains

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