Podcast Week: Adam Shand, Nigel Marsh, Marc Fennell & Jan Fran

• Shand told Mediaweek that he is planning some more interview-based real crime stories to be released during 2019.

Adam Shand’s Jailhouse Lawyer

The PodcastOne crime editor Adam Shand is a prolific podcaster and he talked to Mediaweek about his latest.

“It involves a very well respected member of the Melbourne underworld who was walking the line between the Carl Williams faction and the Carlton crew. He found himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit and he got 13 years. He faced betrayal from Carl Williams and was about to get another 10 years.

“Rather than be bitter and twisted and hate the world, he dedicated himself inside jail to helping people with their legal matters. People who can’t write to their parents or who wanted to visit elderly parents.

“It’s an amazing story. When he got out in November 2017 they wanted to put him back in again for pretending to be a lawyer, which he never did.

“We investigate a lot of the Melbourne gangland DNA and people and stories we are familiar with.”

The new series is two 40-minute episodes.

Shand told Mediaweek that he is planning some more interview-based real crime stories to be released during 2019.

Also watch out for Adam Shand on Nine’s new series of Australian Crime Stories.

Listen to Jailhouse Lawyer here.

Listen to Adam Shand talking about Australian Crime Stories with The Full Box co-founders on a Mediaweek podcast here.

Richard Glover is Nigel Marsh’s latest guest on 5ML

The Five Of My Life (5ML) podcast was a new and fascinating twist on the standard celebrity interview when author Nigel Marsh launched it on PodcastOne late in 2018. Since launching with Todd Sampson six months ago, Marsh has now released 13 podcasts where he asks his guests to talk about their favourite film, book, song, place and possession.

I didn’t want to be just another host talking to celebrities,” Marsh told Mediaweek. “I didn’t want to recap people’s careers or promote their albums or books. I ask my guests for their choices a week before the interviews so I can research and see the film and read the book.”

The most recent release is his chat with author and ABC Sydney host Richard Glover. Coming soon is MasterChef judge Gary Mehigan.

“The content is driven by my guests because of what they choose. The choices have to lead to a different part of their life. It also gives the guests a chance to portray themselves in a way they would like to be portrayed.”

The podcast is not only a journey of discovery for the listener, but Marsh too. He is often pleasantly surprised by some of the celebrity choices. One of Osher Günsberg’s selections was the movie Harold And Maude. “I had never heard of it before. I was sitting down and watching going, ‘WTF. This is hilarious’.”

Listen to The Five Of My Life here.

New SBS release from Marc Fennell and Jan Fran

In a new SBS podcast series, prolific journalists and TV hosts Marc Fennell and Jan Fran are promising to dig deep into challenging social issues and introduce listeners to bold, ambitious people advocating for change.

SBS released this information about the podcast:

The Few Who Do will launch on Friday 1 March 2019, with 16 episodes released fortnightly until October. Perfect for the daily commute, each episode of The Few Who Do will be 25-35 minutes.

SBS celebrates diversity and encourages thought provoking discussions on the world today.

In each episode, Jan and Marc will find out what it takes to be fearless. They’ll speak to everyday Australians, asking tough questions on a broad range of topics from transitioning in the workplace to dystopian futures, and how to create change in the data and entrepreneur space.

Jan Fran said:

“Every day, Australians face challenges and problems too complex for an obvious solution. Every fortnight, The Few Who Do will tackle these topics and explore possible outcomes. I’m very much looking forward to meeting some extraordinary Aussies who are working hard to make this world just that little bit better. I’m absolutely not looking forward to spending more time with Marc Fennell.”

Marc Fennell said:

“Jan and I have sustained a blood feud for many years while hosting The Feed. I’m grateful that SBS has provided us with a constructive activity like The Few Who Do to channel our deeply unhealthy competitive urges. I’m looking forward to introducing Australian listeners to incredible people advocating for change. We want to bring attention to pressing social issues and showcase people who are tackling problems.”

The podcast series will debut with an episode on affirming gender in the workplace, to coincide with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras 2019. The episode will explore the challenges that arise when trying to navigate employment after transitioning.

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