News media delivers record readership as news brands reach 18.2m

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• Publishers now need advertisers to support trusted news, information

Australian news media brands have delivered record readership of 18.2m, reaching more than nine out of 10 Australians (96%), the highest since the inception of emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) in 2013.

The increase in readership has been fuelled by Australians seeking reliable and trusted news and information during CV-19 with digital consumption of news media the key driver.

Across measured digital platforms, news media reached 17.2 million Australians, representing 91% of the population aged 14+, a 10% audience increase compared to the previous period (Dec 19). Despite the pandemic, print audiences continued to reach 12.7 million, or two in three Australians (67%).

NewsMediaWorks CEO Peter Miller said: “Trusted news and information has never been more important to Australians and this is reflected by the dramatic increase in news media consumption. Misinformation has been rife during the pandemic, but these figures demonstrate that Australians know to turn to the trusted medium of news media when accuracy and trust are critical.

“As we start to emerge from lockdown, the need for reliable and timely information will continue and for businesses looking to bounce back by advertising in credible media channels, the trust halo news media generates will play a crucial role in their recovery.”

The top 10 most read mastheads in Australia have also seen impressive increases in their audiences (see table below).

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