Network 10 in 2020: Rod Prosser, Chief Sales Officer

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Part three of Mediaweek’s interviews at the Network 10 2020 Upfront

What are the big messages to clients from 10 sales?

There are three significant messages around data, technology and the newly installed sales team and what we will be offering the market next year.

We have delivered on our promise to accelerate our data strategy. For the last 12 months we have been building and moving quickly. As of July 1 we started addressable advertising across all our digital platforms and the next evolution of that was to announce out data partners.

We feel we have the best of the best with eyeota, Quantium and Greater Data.

This will really allow us to create robust segments and allow our advertisers those segments to trade off.

We have grown our first party data significantly over the past 12 months because we have been really strategic. We have relaunched our web base for 10 Play and soon we will be launching our app.

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Explain to us your deal with You.i TV?

This gives us advertising technology that allows us to insert advertisements into content. Equally when viewers pause we will be able to serve up ads.

It works across 10 Play on all platforms and we will bundle it up with both sponsorships and day-to-day trading.

Any possible backlash from viewers that it might be too invasive?

We will be really smart about how we deliver the ads. We are testing and learning and we will make sure the viewing experience remains strong as well as looking after our advertisers. This is a market first in terms of the technology.

The 10 Play user experience was not quite where you wanted it 12 months ago, has it improved a lot?

We set out this year to improve the viewer experience and we did that with the launch of the web-based 10 Play and soon we will have a new app. The AI we have around the web application is a lot stronger.

Why is Buy10 returning to your suite of products for clients?

It was a pioneering product back over a decade ago, which gave agencies the ability to engage directly with our advertising technology. It is our dynamic advertising tech stack, which will give advertisers the opportunity to trade dynamically. The evolution of that will be an environment where they can buy all of our assets in one place.

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How important is the Upfront in your communications to clients?

It is very critical that we get to show off our line-up – content comes first. Advertisers also have expectations to see what we are doing in the ad tech space and with our audience and data.

The format this year is Sydney with two shows on Thursday and then we move to Melbourne on Monday and then each of the other states.

We then visit individual agencies and we have a number of annual deals with the various consortiums, which remain very important.

The Upfront gives the clients as well as agencies an opportunity to come and see what the network is doing.

10 seems to have its best ratings momentum for some time – how confident are you that advertisers are getting the message?

We are thrilled with how our back half is performing and we have a very strong plan for the first half of next year. The advertisers and the agencies are starting to resonate with our under 50s proposition. We know our viewers lean in a little harder and our advertisers understand that and we are starting to see that reflected in the revenue.

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