Mediaweek Industry Awards 2019: Best Podcast

Winner: Hamish & Andy (PodcastOne)

The first winner announcement for the reader-voted 2019 Mediaweek Industry Awards is for Best Podcast. Fittingly it goes to Australia’s #1 podcast by any measure – Hamish Blake and Andy Lee who show up every week for 40 weeks of the year with the best sidekick in the business, Jack Post.

The news comes just as PodcastOne reveals that the comedy duo has signed on for another year with SCA’s podcast platform. (More on that below.)

It’s also been a big week for the wider Hamish and Andy family as the man better known as Grumpy Dave to their army of listeners from their radio days, Dave Cameron, is the new SCA chief content officer.

The runners-up in the Best Podcast category were Andrew Denton’s Interview (Nova/Acast) and Who the Hell is Hamish? (The Australian).

The Denton podcast was the very successful audio-only version of his Seven TV series which sadly won’t be back in 2020. Although, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Denton continue his interviewing skills elsewhere either on TV, radio or as podcast originals.

Who the Hell is Hamish? is one of a string of mega-successful podcasts from The Australian. The news brand is no stranger to the Mediaweek Industry Awards after winning last year’s Podcast Award for The Teacher’s Pet.

Hamish & Andy started their radio careers with PodcastOne Australia’s parent company, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and have remained loyal servants ever since despite being lured away by the world of TV. Since they moved from radio to TV and podcasting, their weekly podcast has been the most popular in Australia and currently tops the Podcast Ranker chart.

They have delivered two seasons of the podcast with 40 episodes each year. Their final recording for 2019 was published on November 28 – 46 minutes of gold!

Southern Cross Austereo CEO Grant Blackley said after announcing their continued partnership: “Hamish and Andy have been with PodcastOne Australia from day one and we are delighted to be building on the strong collaborative working relationship that has been developed over many years.”

Hamish & Andy said: “We are thrilled to be continuing the podcast with PodcastOne. They own all the microphones and the buttons that Jack pushes incorrectly so it would be a very quiet show without them.”

Listen to the Hamish & Andy podcast here.

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