Magazine Rack returns! It’s Your Day launch issue – worth $5.99?

• Most people in the sector would welcome this major launch.

It has been quite some time since Mediaweek ran a Magazine Rack column. We used to use it to review magazine launches or relaunches. It felt right to bring it back as Bauer Media launched a major new title this week – a Woman’s Day spin-off called It’s Your Day.

Most people in the sector would welcome this major launch. Bauer Media competitors because any launch publicity provides consumers with a reason to check the magazine racks at their newsagent or supermarket.

Retailers are also happy to have more activity around one of their key categories.

Newsagent and blogger Mark Fletcher posted this week on his Newsagency Blog:

“The launch tomorrow of It’s Your Day by Bauer Media is important for newsagents as this new title targets a demographic that is key to our channel – women 35+. This is the demo that spends the most on cards, visits most often and connects best with the newsagency channel.

“The launch of It’s Your Day by Bauer provides us with an opportunity to re-up our pitch to this high-value newsagency shopper, to deepen the connection and leverage the launch activity.

“We don’t see many magazine launches from major publishers. This launch is important, a valuable investment in print. In some respects, how it goes in our channel is up to us.”

Here is Mediaweek’s thoughts about the new magazine:

Title: It’s Your Day from Bauer Media.

Cost: $5.99 (Had to pay cash in Sydney newsagent, credit cards only for $10 or more. Can this impact magazine sales as many now favour going cashless?)

Value: 108 pages.

Ad load: 6 pages – all Bauer Media house ads for Woman’s Day, TV Week Logies and cook books.

Welcome letter: Editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly welcomes new readers and writes about travelling around Australia and speaking with women about what they would want in a new magazine. She asks for readers to send their feedback. Bauer Media is offering $1,000 to one of the people sending their comments to the supplied email address.

Fiona Connolly

Cover story: A busy cover flags six stories and features three images. Main cover lines and photos are for Meryl & Nicole.

Contents: Spreads over two pages listing 30 separate features. There are then 11 separate listings for regular items that will feature in every issue. Seems great value for $5.99.

What’s missing: Pages of paparazzi photos of celebrities. But that’s a good thing and something that makes It’s Your Day different.

Contributor’s names are tucked away but there is some talent in this team including writing from Wendy Squires and Phillip Koch. Nice photos from Ross Coffey who’s a veteran in this sector.

Charlie Albone writes on gardening, with the magazine calling him its “resident guru”.

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