How Covid couldn’t stop 10 & Warner Bros finishing The Masked Singer

Masked Singer

• Finale filmed across two countries, two states, two studios…and a hotel room!

When the series finale of Network 10’s The Masked Singer goes to air Monday night there will be a final sigh of relief from all involved at Network 10 and Warner Bros.

Network 10 executive producer and head of entertainment Stephen Tate told Mediaweek six weeks ago they were heading off on a journey to film the 2020 season in Melbourne – it turned out to be a lot more than he and all involved bargained for.

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Tate and most of the NSW crew that relocated to Melbourne for the season actually ended up back in Sydney by the time the finale was filmed. Luckily they didn’t need to isolate back in NSW because their recent Melbourne quarantine period was recognised as what was required by NSW authorities before re-entering the state. The production went into quarantine for a fortnight after some of the crew tested positive for Covid-19 just days before the final episode was due to be filmed.

It was really disappointing to get so close to the finale and then get shut down. We of course completely understand the reasons why that had to happen,” Tate told Mediaweek. “As a team we genuinely celebrate the people who owned up to experiencing symptoms.”

Danni Minogue and Hughesy

Although the production process for the finale was not what was originally planned, Tate doesn’t like it being described as “compromised”.

“What the finale became was a technical feat and it got the best out of our crews that I have ever seen. To produce a show out of two countries, two states, two studios…and a hotel room…is not something I have ever done before, nor would many of the crew have ever done anything like it before.

“I am very much looking forward to people seeing what we achieved.”

Those two countries were Australia and New Zealand, the states were NSW and Victoria, the two studios were Docklands in Melbourne where the rest of the season was shot and 10’s Pyrmont studios and the hotel room belonged to Urzila Carlson back in quarantine in Auckland after returning from Melbourne.

For the finale, panelists Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue stayed in Melbourne along with the three remaining singers who took part in the last episode. Tate, Syney-based panelist Jackie O, host Osher Günsberg and many of the Warner Bros creative team were in 10’s Sydney studio.

We created a virtual set by using clean images of the Melbourne set and keying them in behind Osher and Jackie in Sydney,” explained Tate.

Jackie O and Urzila Carlson

The audience weren’t tricked though into thinking everyone was together as the start of the finale features an explanation of how it came together.

Post-production work was a little more involved for this episode and the team worked across the weekend before the episode was delivered to 10 in time for the Monday night broadcast.

Tate had high praise for the team at Warner Bros and the production management team at 10. “They have pulled off the most extraordinary job to make this final.”

Helping keep the production focused and positive during some trying times were people from both Warners Bros and 10, said Tate, starting from the top with the CEOs of both keeping in regular touch. “People were checking on us throughout the entire production cycle. It was a lonely and confronting time going into quarantine on your own for another two weeks, especially as the finish line was in sight and we thought we were about to return to our families.”

Tate admitted he hit the wall at times during his quarantine. “There was the potential we would have to do it again too when we returned to NSW. We were all so relieved we were able to preserve the bubble and have our Melbourne quarantine period recognised.”

Not being allowed out of the room for two weeks meant Tate did a lot of pacing back and forth. “I was one of the fortunate ones as during that time I was working with Eureka Television to cast The Amazing Race and also ITV Studios on casting for I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! I had a lot of other things to focus on which helped me through.”

Season highlights The Masked Singer

Tate: “The incredible camaraderie amongst the cast and crew. We all felt so incredibly privileged to be working when so many others couldn’t. Everybody took their Covid responsibilities so seriously.”

What’s next for 10 in local production

Tate: “We are steaming ahead on the new seasons for quite a few shows and we have some incredible learnings from what we have just been through. Things we can put into practice to ensure we are not facing the same situation again.

“As an industry we have to accept this disease is going to be around for a while so we have to find ways of working with that threat. We can’t just shutdown or our industry won’t survive.”

New The Amazing Race

“We will be shooting the new season this year. We are working on what will be an incredible Amazing Race that will take in nearly every state in Australia. We are still waiting for some states to let us know if we can include them. But we have workarounds to change the race if we can’t.”

Tate said to standby for an announcement about where the Race will start and how 10 and Eureka will be running it.

I have been producing TV in Australia for close to 30 years and the team has discovered some parts of Australia I have never been to before. It is very exciting about how much of Australia we will be able to showcase. It will be a stronger series by being wholly Australian than the international version.”

Changes for I’m A Celebrity

Tate: “The fact that we won’t have a time difference that Africa gave us will mean the show will need to be prerecorded. We have some exciting and very funny creative solutions around that. ITV has come up with some brilliant ideas and I can’t wait for the audience to see them.”

Australian Survivor? Definitely!

Tate: “We are definitely doing Survivor next year. We are now working on how, when and where. Why wouldn’t we? [Laughs] It is one of the best shows on television.”

Top Photo: The Masked Singer host Osher Günsberg with panelists Danni, Jackie, Urzila and Hughesy

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