How 10 made the most of its own backyard on the Amazing Race Australia

the Amazing Race Australia cast finale

• Part two of Mediaweek’s interview series with the team behind The Amazing Race Australia

The Amazing Race Australia will start its race across Australia when its second season premieres on Monday, 1 February at 7.30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Mediaweek spoke with Network 10 executive producer Cathie Scott about how they brought the season together and what to expect from an all Aussie race.

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Filming during Covid 

Scott said that the aim was to make the most of staying within Australia, and while it impacted not just the location of the season but the day-to-day production, it all worked out.

“The team came up with a number of scenarios for The Race. The route had so many incarnations and we didn’t even finalise it until well into the actual racing due to border closures.

This year we had a really nimble team and we researched a lot more locations and potential challenges than we actually used, and I think the result was the best possible scenario.

Network 10’s Cathie Scott (Top Right) and Eureka’s Sophia Mogford

What to expect from this season of The Amazing Race Australia

Scott said that one of the things that make The Amazing Race Australia special is the authenticity the show provides to viewers.

“This show to me was quite unique, of all the shows that I have ever worked on, there is a real authenticity about it. We don’t set up challenges as stop and start, when these teams start racing they are really racing and we are along for the ride covering it the best we can. The Eureka team has done a brilliant job with the production values. There is a real authenticity and heart to this series that I think audiences will love.

Showcasing Australia

The new format for the show meant that the production team had to delve deep into Australian culture to produce unique and interesting episodes.

“We had to drill into our culture more than we do if we are traveling internationally. We know our own country and our own culture, but we had to find something new and exciting for our audience.

Australia is so vast and there are so many different environments for us to explore and discover. You forget how lucky we are to live in Australia.”

Amazing Race Australia host Beau Ryan

Scott said that the team went into the diversity of who Australians are, and this is also shown in the cast.

“You want to turn on to see somebody that you can relate to and barrack for.”

Pack your bags

When asked what she hoped the audience would take away from this season, Scott said that she hopes that it will encourage Aussies to go explore their own backyard.

“Everyone is going to book their Australian adventure holidays. They are going to be reminded and surprised about what opportunities they have for travel in Australia.”

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