What did the News Corp editors tell their print & online audience?

• Marketing messages from the top only the start of reaching out to readers

News Corp Australia this week published personal letters from the editors of each of its metro newspaper brands, published across the first two pages of their newspapers.

Here are the highlights of the messages from the pages of the daily newspapers:

In Sydney, The Daily Telegraph editor Ben English (who outed himself as a Sea Eagles fan) wrote:

“As editor, I’m entrusted to continue a conversation between The Daily Telegraph and you, our loyal readers that has endured nearly 140 years. You can trust that the stories we tell are the stories that touch your lives, that the issues we care about are the same as yours, that we love your city and state as deeply as you do.

“Unlike the digital giants that revolutionised the access to global information but have no reporters to heart the stories from the streets or real communities, The Daily Telegraph has lived in the same suburbs, the same city and the same state as its readers and you can trust we always will.

“Our news will never be fake. It will never be insincere. And it will never be contrary to what we know to be the facts. Our news will always be from the heart and delivered with consideration and conscience.”

In Victoria, Herald Sun editor Damon Johnston wrote:

“Trust has never been as important as it now is in this information age and its frenetic 24-hour news cycle. But trust is not simply given, it must be earned.

“Being accurate, being first, delivering the most comprehensive coverage and insight, being relevant – these are foundation tests the Herald Sun sets itself every day to inform and engage with the Victorian community.”

In Queensland, The Courier-Mail editor Sam Weir wrote:

“We’re for you whether we live in a ramshackle old Queenslander in the ‘burbs or a shiny new skyscraper in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. We live in the same streets as you, get to work on the same roads and droughts and hope for a food future for our kids, just like you.”

In Adelaide, The Advertiser’s editor Matt Deighton and deputy editor Jessica Leo-Kelton wrote:

“Trust is a two-way street. It’s built over time. It’s not easily won.

“You can trust us to break the stories that people don’t want told and trust us to hold authority to account. You can trust us to be balanced. You can trust us to get to the truth. Every single decision we make, every single day, must pass through this one filter – what does this mean for our readers?

“This newspaper is written, sub-edited, printed, photographed and published online by people living in the very same city as you.

The Advertiser lives for South Australia and its people. It always has and it always will. And that is our commitment… We’re for you.”

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