TV Report March 19, 2024: Australian Survivor 2024 winner crowned during landslide Tribal Council

TV Report

Homestay week on MAFS brings trouble.

TV Report March 19, 2024:

Nine TV Report

Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with homestays continuing on Married at First Sight. 

Sara and Tim settle into Sara’s Sydney apartment before meeting with Tim’s best man and most contentious friend, Ben. In a private chat, Tim fills Ben in on the details of Sara’s betrayal, and Ben warns Tim to be cautious moving forward.

Jack is ready to show the Gold Coast to Tori and it is clear that Tori will be the one to make the move in order to progress their future together.

Jade and Ridge woke for a day of family bonding with Jade’s family over a traditional South African barbeque. However, Ridge gets a grilling by Jade’s family on whether he can step up as a mature father figure to Jade’s daughter, and make the move to the Gold Coast.

Jack treats Tori for lunch to meet up with his two nearest and dearest friends, his personal training clients. Friend Lizz puts the spotlight on Tori and attacks her values, calling her a “walking red flag” whilst Tori waits for a silent Jack to stand up for her.

Sara organises a day out for Tim on a boat, reminiscent of their wedding day. However, Tim can’t get Sara’s cheating off his mind and decides to broach the subject with her. Sara defends herself and breaks down as she questions how many times she must repent for her mistake.

As Homestays comes to an end, it’s a cause for celebration as Jack arranges a final date for Tori to toast their time together. However, Tori can’t shake Lizz’s earlier interrogation and proves for reassurance from her groom, questioning Jack why he didn’t stand up for her, and why he won’t consider moving to her state instead. 

Jack doubles down on his position that he won’t be moving. Tori is stunned, but the mood shifts when Jack surprises her with a romantic gesture. 

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program looked inside the black market of backyard solarium salons and met with a great-grandfather who was living in a caravan after a bust-up with a builder.

Seven TV Report

Highway Patrol

Over on Seven, Highway Patrol saw officers Anthony Season and Paul Holtzinger pull over a duo who had swapped seats in their vehicle trying to skirt the law. 

Home & Away

Before Highway Patrol was Home & Away as Valerie spun more lies, Theo called for help and Tane faced the consequences.

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 welcomed Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia, former Haas F1 principal Guenther Steiner and comedian/author David Walliams. 

Australian Survivor

On 10’s Australian Survivor, Feras took home the title of Sole Survivor and was crowed the winner of this season, taking home a grand prize of $500,000.

The final endurance battle saw the castaways putting their bodies to the test as they stood on narrow pegs fixed to a giant wheel, which turned at regular intervals forcing their feet onto narrower pegs. 

Feras’ pitch to the jury ultimately won him the title as he expressed how he had formed alliances from the beginning and stood strong with them, knowing when to use players as his shield and when to emerge as a big player on his own. 



On 7:30, the program looked into calls to scrap Victoria’s $2 billion venture capital fund and also highlighted the taxi industry and how it is celebrating a major court victory, while still fighting for its reputation. 


Who Do You Think You Are? Aus

Last night’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? Aus welcomed Shakespearean actor and movie star Dame Judi Dench as she began her quest with her father, Reginald Dench, who never spoke of his experiences during WWI, as she tried to find out how he won his gallantry medals. 

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