TV Report March 18, 2024: Lucinda experiences an eye-opening moment on MAFS

TV Report

Three contestants were eliminated on Australian Idol.

TV Report March 18, 2024:

Nine TV Report

Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with the beginning of Homestay Week on Married at First Sight. 

Jayden and Eden are on the tip of everyone’s lips as the Commitment Ceremony the night before uncovered shocking information about Eden behind closed doors. The once seemingly picture-perfect couple have woken up frosty with each other and despite trying to resolve their issues before homestays, their conservation ends in awkward silence. 

After weeks of letting his walls down, Timothy is experiencing an emotional hangover but hoping that returning home will be just what he needs, Timothy has brought Lucinda home to Melbourne. While Lucinda tries to be open-minded to Timothy’s bachelor pad and makes the most of spending time together, Timothy reverts back to putting his walls back up and pushes Lucinda away in the process. 

In a catch-up with Timothy’s friends, both Rachel and Shane are delighted to hear that Timothy has been allowing himself to be vulnerable and they encourage him to continue opening up. Lucinda takes the opportunity to have a chat with Shane who reveals that Timothy is a doting partner in relationships. This is an eye-opening moment for Lucinda, she realises she wants a lot more for herself. 

Despite her effort to talk things out over a picnic, Timothy announces that emotions and feelings are simply not for him and orders to keep things bottled up. He walks out mid-conversation and defeated, Lucinda packs away the picnic and leaves alone. 

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, a complaint threatens the future of a retired couple’s free clothing initiative and the team investigated what is behind the surge in card transaction fees.

Seven TV Report

Australian Idol

Over on Seven, Australian Idol saw Australia choose 23-year-old Denvah Baker-Moller, 24-year-old Amy Reeves, and 30-year-old Dylan Wright as their Australian Idol Grand Finalists. 

The Top 6 opened the show with a performance of Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag’n’Bone man, before hosts Ricki-Lee and Scott Tweedie announced each contestant would perform again solo. 

The episode farewelled Trent Richardson, Ivana Illic and Isaac McCallum with Ivana admitting: “Obviously, you want to go all the way but that’s not what this is all about. I’ve gone out there and showed Australia who I am and who I want to be as an artist.”

Home & Away

Before Australian Idol was Home & Away as Roo proceeded with caution, Theo feared for Valerie and Felicity rolled up her sleeves.

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 looked into the real estate underquoting crackdown, Jacqui Lambie taking down the new Tasmanian stadium plan and welcomed Lainey Wilson to the desk. 

Australian Survivor

On 10’s Australian Survivor, Raymond missed his chance at making it to the grand finale as he was eliminated and didn’t make it to the final three.

Monday night’s episode saw old alliances tested as Raymond and Feras proved loyal to the end while Mark and Caroline continued their saga of on-again, off-again allies. Caroline beat Raymond in a small fire-making challenge to enter the top three, sending Ray home. 



On 7:30, the program investigated the HECS-style loan system being proposed to help homeowners invest in solar energy and looked into the unsafe conditions surrounding food delivery apps. 


Finding Your Roots

Henry Louis Gates maps the family trees of actors Brian Cox and Viola Davis, uncovering records from workhouses in Scotland and slave plantations in South Carolina that reveal individuals who battled to build a better life for their families. 

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