TV Report March 17, 2024: Shock as two more couples leave the MAFS Experiment

TV Report

The Sea Eagles swooped the Roosters in Sydney.

TV Report March 17, 2024:

Nine TV Report

Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with a Commitment Ceremony on Married at First Sight. 

In Eden and Jayden’s apartment, the couple has reached an unexpected stalemate. After last night’s Dinner Party, Eden revealed information to Jayden that Sara and her ex mocked and insulted Tim behind his back when they caught up. Jayden wants to call Sara out on this, but Eden doesn’t want to cause any more friction with Sara and Tim. 

At the Commitment Ceremony, the first couple on the couch is Sara and Tim. Expert John reminds them at the previous Commitment Ceremony, Sara promised she would try to win Tim back, Tim says that he has seen a different side to Sara this week; she has been warm and affectionate. Both write stay.

Lucinda and Timothy are next up on the couch and Expert Alessandra jumps straight into Timothy’s emotional breakthrough, and the kiss makes him release that, at 51 years old, he’s wasted years not lowering his walls. and letting anyone in. They both write stay. 

Jonathan and Lauren, Eden and Jayden, Jade and Ridge, and Jack and Tori all write stay however Cassandra and Tristan both write leave and finish off their time in the experiment expressing how much they mean to each other.

The final couple on the couch is Richard and Andrea. After weeks at breaking point, the couple express how they have not been on the same page for a long time. Richard expresses that he’s had a sense that Andrea hasn’t been into him for a long time. They amicably decide to leave the experiment. 


60 Minutes

Over on 60 Minutes, the team investigated how ill-health and scandal is harming the Royal Family, Aussies who are trying to live forever and met with the deep-sea explorer willing to start a new search for MH370.

NRL Sunday Footy: Sea Eagles v Roosters

Sunday afternoon also saw the Sea Eagles take on the Roosters at 4 Pines Park as the Sea Eagles thrashed the Roosters 21-14.

Seven TV Report

Australian Idol

Over on Seven, no one went home on Australian Idol but the competition is heating up as only three Idols from the top 6 will make it to next week’s Grand Finale.

The theme for this week is Heroes and Tributes and each singer chose a song to dedicate to someone or something meaningful in their life. 

Kate Miller-Heidke also performed and last year’s winner Royston was back on the Idol stage performing. 


With access to victims’ families, investigators and other figures who have not spoken until now, the series examined unanswered questions and explored the truth behind the Lockerbie air disaster.

10 TV Report

The Sunday Project

The Sunday Project saw the program look into the cost of Ex-Prime Ministers and spoke to Hollywood starts Mark Wahlberg and Jack Black.

Australian Survivor

On 10’s Australian Survivor, the dynamic duo of Kirby and Feras came to its dramatic conclusion as he finally landed his shot on his best frenemy. 

Feras had held onto his immunity idol for weeks and when he stood up to play it, he made the decision to end his biggest competition’s game, playing it for himself rather than for Kirby.


Death in Paradise

The team investigated the murder of a former children’s home resident while Marlon sat his sergeant exams, and Selwyn met his daughter for the first time. 


Emerald Isles

Ardal O’Hanlon took viewers on a journey unearthing the history of the islands off the coast of Ireland and began in Rathlin Island, famous for its countless seabirds and golden hares. 

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