TV Report March 10, 2024: Sara shocks the group again at the Commitment Ceremony on MAFS

TV Report

The Cowboys thrashed the Dolphins.

TV Report March 10, 2024:

Nine TV Report

Married at First Sight

Nine’s evening began with a Commitment Ceremony on Married at First Sight. 

All that’s on anyone’s lips is the revelation from the Dinner Party that Sara has been catching up with her ex-boyfriend whilst in the experiment with Tim.

The first couple to face the experts was Lucinda and Timothy, who displayed a real shift on the couch. Timothy explains that he had an emotional breakthrough at the retreat, culminating in a deeply bonding hug between himself and Lucinda. Both write stay.

Next up was Eden and Jayden. Eden spent the retreat burdened by Sara’s text about planning to visit an ex, and on the couch, the couple discussed how Eden’s resulting anxiety caused issues between her and Hayden. Both write stay.

Cassandra and Tristan arrive on the couch for Tristan to reveal to the experts that he told Cassandra he loves her. However, Cassandra reveals she doesn’t reciprocate Tristan’s feelings. Cassandra ends up writing leave, while Tristan writes stay. 

Andrea and Richard’s mood quickly unravels when it’s revealed that the couple hadn’t been intimate in weeks. Expert Mel suggests that they’re not listening to each other and that this is a critical point in their relationship. They both write stay. 

Lauren and Jono and Tori and Jack wrote stay while Michael and Stephen both wrote leave.

Last up on the couch was Sara and Tim. The experts were searching for answers from Sara as she attempted to explain herself. When Tim tries to explain how Sara has hurt him, Sara shuts him down. Tim said his trust is broken and has written leave. To everyone’s surprise, Sara chooses to stay as she says she’s determined to make it up to Tim and win back his trust. 


60 Minutes

Over on 60 Minutes, the team spoke to the family of murdered 23-year-old Celeste Manno about their fight to ensure the man who stalked and murdered their daughter is never released from prison. They also caught up with Matchbox Twenty as they celebrated three decades of chart-topping records. 

NRL Sunday Footy: Dolphins v Cowboys

Sunday afternoon also saw the Dolphins take on the Cowboys at Suncorp Stadium as the Cowboys thrashed the Dolphins 43-18.

Seven TV Report

Australian Idol

Over on Seven, all of the top 8 sang for a chance to get into the top 6. 

The night saw the viewers choose the songs the contestants performed and the judges ended up saving Ivana as she went straight into the top 6. 

The songs performed included:

Ivana: Edge of Midnight – Miley Cyrus
Dylan: End of the Road – Boyz II Men
Drea: No Tears Left to Cry – Ariana Grande
Denvah: God Only Knows – The Beach Boys
Isaac: Wonder – Shawn Mendes
Trent: She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds of Summer
Kiani: A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton
Amy: What Was I Made For – Billie Elish

Why Planes Vanish: The Hunt for MH370

Seven’s documentary special followed the ten years after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and its 239 passengers and crew vanished. 

10 TV Report

The Sunday Project

The Sunday Project saw the program look into female footballers fighting for better pay and spoke to Leah Purcell and Ziggy Marley.

Australian Survivor

On 10’s Australian Survivor, Raymond’s big move has left Feras desperate for attention and Alex and Mark without their ally, Valeria. A boy’s alliance is formed, with Rianna and Kirby in their sights and while the overnight reward would be a fantastic opportunity for the boys to solidify their plan, Alex wins and decides to take his enemies instead. 

Mark does the real work back at camp and plants some seeds with Feras who is finally ready to take out his frenemy in the game, Kirby. 


Death in Paradise

The team joined Naomi in Saint Barnabas when her best friend’s father was murdered at a wedding. Marlon tries to prepare for his sergeant exams but is easily distracted.


History’s Greatest Mysteries

History’s Greatest Mysteries looked into the puzzling pyramids of Egypt and investigated why no one fully understands how they were built. 

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