TV Report February 5, 2024: Shock walkout during first Married at First Sight dinner party

natalie and collins mafs

A record 10 Golden Tickets given out on Australian Idol

• War has begun between two key players on Survivor
• Jack grilled over ex-girlfriend on Married at First Sight


On Nine’s A Current Affair the heartbroken family of shopping centre stabbing victim Vyleen White spoke about her “immense love” for family in the aftermath of her tragic death.

Married at First Sight followed with the very first dinner party of the season! While most couples were getting along at this early stage of the experiment, the same could not be said for Collins and Natalie.

As they greet the other couples, the pair put on a brave face; however, Natalie feels more alone than ever. Then during dinner, she becomes overwhelmed and leaves the table. Her husband joins her and despite his pleas, she says she doesn’t want to continue with the experiment. They then announce that they are leaving.

Meanwhile, Jack is grilled over an article that claimed he was in a relationship just before filming, leaving his partner for the opportunity to appear on MAFS. Jack then stands his ground, denying any wrongdoing and the attention then turns to his wife, Tori. Will she stand by her man? The answer for now is: yes.


Over on Seven, Justin tries to reconnect with Leah on Home and Away. Meanwhile, Cash works on a new case and Felicity finds peace with her past.

Then, it was time for Australian Idol where only 12 Golden Tickets were left! A record 10 artists were put through to final deliberations, with four awarded a life-changing spot in the coveted Top 30.

Country music star-on-the-rise, Denvah Baker-Moller, performed Pony by Kasey Chambers, changing Kyle Sandilands’ mind about the genre!

“I was never a fan of the country music genre, but my mind has been changed on this because there’s quite a few good country singers coming through the door,” he said. “And if I like country, that’s almost a miracle. That’s how good they are!”

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Gab Hester, whose “awesome tone” on the Men at Work classic Down Under impressed and backing vocalist Jess Chalmers, 24, who showed she’s ready for the spotlight with her high-energy version of Domino by Jesse J. 


On 10The Project welcomed Everclear’s Art Alexakis to the desk while also speaking to Gold Coast resident Ian Grace who has proposed a ban on G-string bikinis outside of the beach. 

Then, it was time for Australian Survivor where it wasn’t just the weather heating up the Samoan beaches!

Alex was now left scrambling to find a new alliance while over at the Titans tribe and a hidden locked box is found, and the hunt is on to find the key.

At the reward challenge, the Rebels win a kid’s party and are able to celebrate Sarah’s birthday with sugary treats and party food with the added surprise of a photo book filled with childhood memories.

The Rebels are united for a moment until Feras mentions the blue key that he possesses which must be given to a member of the Titan’s tribe. This raises concerns for Kirby over the power he now holds.

In the Immunity challenge the Titans win and the Rebels must face their third tribal in a row. War has begun between two key players and a tribal twist changes the game for both tribes.


Viewers began their evening with ABC’s 7.30. The program looked at how a murder charge for a 12-year-old has led to an investigation of Victoria’s state care system over abuse claims. Plus Sarah Ferguson interviewed Treasurer Jim Chalmers.

Then on Nemesis, with Malcolm Turnbull installed as Prime Minister, after bringing down Tony Abbott, hopes were riding high. But what followed was a Shakespearean drama resulting in another Prime Minister being dispatched.

Media Watch then returned for 2024, presented by Paul Barry


Over on SBS, viewers watched Celebrity Letters and Numbers. Hosted by Michael Hing and featuring wordsmith David Astle and numbers expert Lily Serna, they were joined by celebrity contestants Merrick Watts, Jenny Tian, Dylan Lewis and special Dictionary Corner guest Matt Stewart.

Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South followed with marine biologist Theo Vickers hoping to find and photograph a sea slug.

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