TV Report February 28, 2024: They’re off to the Olympics! The Matildas score a perfect 10 at the AFC Qualifiers

Matildas Olympics

Dinner party chaos on MAFS

• Matildas defeat Uzbekistan for a spot in the Paris Olympics


A Current Affair

Nine’s A Current Affair interviewed Queensland couple, Lucy and Stuart Martin, who were forced to ban dogs from their dog-friendly establishment, Archer Brewing.

Married at First Sight

The next Dinner Party is about to begin on Married at First Sight and Timothy is ready for war with Jayden. Meanwhile, Ben, who utterly offended his Bride Ellie with a long list of dislikes, has gained a new perspective on their relationship and wants to make a grand gesture. 

At the Cocktail Party, Ellie arrives alone and Jayden is concerned about Timothy’s treatment of Lucinda. Lucinda reassures him that they’ve had a genuine reset; however, overhearing this conversation, Timothy sees red. 

When Ben finally arrives just in time for dinner, Ellie brings up the list he wrote of her flaws, including that she shouldn’t wear makeup. Sara is furious because she believes this is controlling behaviour. While Ben agrees it was a dumb thing to say, he then says that Ellie spends a lot of time in the mirror — and frankly, he should stop talking…

Meanwhile, Timothy is eyeing off Jayden before an argument ensues. Jayden believes his advice should count for something as his “relationship is near perfect”; but Timothy is furious. Timothy then tells Jayden he’s a “grandstander” and will “have nothing in life” before slamming his fist on the table!

Later, Timothy speaks fondly of his Bride, however, Tori is not convinced. She explains that if Jack spoke like that, her “foot would go down his throat” which annoys Timothy who points out the irony that Tori had no problem when Jack said “muzzle your lady” to Jonathan. Cassandra then speaks up, but Tori is furious and tells her: “Don’t tell me what I said”. 

Under Investigation

The disappearance of Ballarat woman Samantha Murphy has horrified Australia. In a special report, Liz Hayes and her team of experts took Under Investigation to the frontline of this baffling mystery.


Home and Away

Over on Seven’s Home and Away, Bree gives Remi an ultimatum — it’s the motorcycle or her — and Cash throws a wrench in Felicity’s plans.

The 1% Club

Hosted by comedian Jim Jefferies, players Danny and Austen got down to the final question, hoping to win a share of $99k. Both got the answer wrong, meaning they didn’t make it into the 1% Club! 

Mrs Brown’s Boys

Christmas is fast approaching for Mrs Brown’s Boys, but Agnes is upset at having lost a rocking horse decoration, one that holds sentimental value.


The Project

On 10The Project welcomed The Veronicas who after releasing hits for 20 years, have some of the most iconic music videos in Aussie culture! They revealed how their latest video was filmed just on their phone in one take.

Matildas v Uzbekistan

The Matildas took on Uzbekistan at the AFC Olympic Qualifiers, live from Marvel Stadium.

Within 34 seconds, our home team scored and the goals just kept coming! Michelle Heyman then followed with three goals in 13 minutes and by the 22-minute mark, it was 5 – 0. Mary Folwer then scored, as did Caitlin Foord, before Heyman scored again with Hayley Raso and Amy Sayer completing the perfect 10, defeating the opposition to nil. And with that, the Tillies are off to the Paris Olympics!



ABC’s 7.30 explored how the NT govt has pledged to close the Don Dale youth detention centre within months while Sarah Ferguson interviewed NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb about the investigation into the alleged murders of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies.


Hard Quiz

In an all-new Hard Quiz, vying for Tom Gleeson’s Big Brass Mug were experts in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, James Bond movies, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Victorian women’s fashion.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering was joined by Concetta Caristo, Alice Hamilton plus, Roy and HG for this week’s episode of The Weekly.

This Is Going to Hurt

In this episode of This Is Going to Hurt, Adam’s mistake comes back to haunt him and he tries desperately to dig himself out of trouble. Shruti is excited to find a promising new mentor.


Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle

Over on SBS, Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle followed Ben Fogle to the breathtaking Isle of Skye as he investigates how spiritual and religious power still survives in the face of so many visitors and sets off to discover sacred places.

The Matchmakers

Agreeing to go on a second date, Becky and Ronald engage in a game of ‘The Dating Game’ on  — The Matchmaker’s Toby Lieder’s unique icebreaker game where the singles ask 200 questions, to go beyond superficial chit-chat and delve deep into the core values important to each other.

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