TV Report February 18, 2024: MAFS’ Mel Schilling calls out “aggressive” behaviour

Mel Schilling MAFS Sara

It’s Transformation Week on Australian Idol

• Tim and Sara decide to stay on MAFS
• Imogen receives Marcia Hines’ Fast Pass to the Top 12 on Australian Idol


Nine’s Married at First Sight kicked off the evening with the second Commitment Ceremony of the year. Even though Ellie was concerned about Ben’s inconsistent behaviour, Ben apologised, vowing to do better, while also revealing he is ready to have kids. They both decide to stay.  For Tori and Jack, the couch was an opportunity to get Timothy to apologise for calling their relationship “fake”; however, he refused to do so. Meanwhile, Lucinda was feeling humiliated after Timothy’s behaviour at the dinner party but decided she would give it another week. Meanwhile, the strongest couples of the experiment, Cassandra and Tristan, Jayden and Eden and Richard and Andrea all decide to stay; with Richard revealing he and Andrea “did intimacy week before Intimacy Week”! Ha!

Finally, Sara and Tim joined the couch after their relationship imploded at the Dinner Party. Sara was then held to account by expert Mel Schilling, who called her out for apologising to the group for her behaviour, but not to Tim. Mel also pushed Sara to reveal why she cancelled on Tim so many times. The pair share an awkward hug and commit to another week of torture…

60 Minutes followed putting the spotlight on a significant breakthrough in the 27-year-long JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation while Sylvia Jeffreys joined Jimmy Barnes and his family at home for an exclusive interview. 


Over on Seven, it was the start of Transformation Week on Australian Idol! Over three epic nights, the contestants will be given makeovers and vocal power to deliver their most important performances, proving to the judges they are worthy of a place in the Top 12.

Last night, seven singers performed with “heartthrob” Ripley giving his spin on Back for Good by Take That after being mentored by THE Gary Barlow. Chenai was motivated by her own body transformation and Dylan explored a style change while Drea set new rules! After performing From This Moment On, Imogen was given Marcia Hines’ fast pass to the Top 12, while Ripley, Drea and Dylan were also sent through.

Ron Iddles: The Good Cop followed detailing the murder of security guard Slawek Tomczyk, as Ron battled to prove his innocence.

Finally, in What the Killer Did Next, a man’s body was found behind a bookcase in his home, and it is suspected that a lodger he met in Thailand may be the killer.


On 10The Project welcomed comedian and Gold Diggers star Danielle Walker who recalled the time that she threatened to eat dog food because her dad made her miss a really important show plus the program looked at the rise in middle-aged women across Australia coming out as lesbians, and many are finding new love after decades-long relationships with men.

Then, it was time for Australian Survivor. At the Titan’s tribe, Feras was fuming about the betrayal of the OG Titans at the previous Tribal Council, blindsiding Garrick, his closest ally home. Meanwhile, at the Rebels tribe, Rianna is desperate to make it to merge and reunite with Kirby but to do that she needs an alliance.

At the Immunity Challenge, the Titans take a commanding lead only to lose it in a comeback by Jaden, who secures the win for the Rebels, sending the Titans to Tribal Council yet again. Aileen makes a deal with Charles and Valeria to play double agent while Feras appeals to Kirby to form an unlikely alliance.

Finally, in a fiery Tribal Council, Charles calls out Aileen’s duplicity and Valeria attacks Feras for his lack of leadership, but a last-minute Tribal Council twist means every tribe member must fight for their vote to stay safe and Charles is sent home.

A repeat of NCIS: Hawai’i followed as the team investigated a cold case involving WWII-era bones on the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings, and are shocked to learn they belong to a 100-year-old survivor of the attack.


ABC’s Death in Paradise team investigated the mysterious death of an astronomer after he fell from a cliff during a rare planetary event. 

Then on the gripping final instalment of Total Control, Alex and Rachel battled to control their political destinies before DNA evidence linked to the health secretary’s assassination forced Nikki to face her past in the present on Silent Witness.


Over on SBS, one of history’s most notorious pirates, Blackbeard, is said to have had a treasure worth millions of dollars. After centuries of searching, the legendary hoard remains missing. On History’s Greatest Mysteries, new evidence was unearthed, and the mystery endures: what became of Blackbeard’s lost treasure?

On Putin’s Stolen Children, the emotional story of the thousands of Ukrainian children kidnapped by the Russian state and the desperate attempts by their families to get them back was told. This was a story every family can relate to and a journey where the stakes could not be higher.

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