TV Report 8 July 2024: Final judging begins on Dream Home

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The Project spoke to Chelsea Handler.

TV Report 8 July 2024:

Nine TV Report

Do You Want To Live Forever

Nine’s evening began with the next episode of Tracy Grimshaw’s new show, Do You Want To Live Forever.

After 12 weeks of challenges, intense training and cutting-edge treatments, Tracy Grimshaw and Dr Nick Coatsworth reveal whether they have successfully turned back their biological clocks.

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program met with a DV victim’s loved ones who were denied justice after her killer’s death and a Grandmother loses part of retirement fund after she claims she loaned $66,000 to ex-cop.

Seven TV Report

Dream Home

On Seven, Dream Home saw the final judging of the houses with only three teams to go through to the next round to get their dream backyards.

Home and Away

Before Dream Home was Home and Away as Dana was in danger, the residents of the Bay realise they’ve been lied to and Xander and John gave chase.

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 investigated the dark side of using tracking apps on kids, the plan to ban NDIS-funded sex workers and spoke to Chelsea Handler.

MasterChef Australia

On 10’s MasterChef, the mystery boxes contained a golden ticket which fast-tracked the contestant with the top dish into the semi-final, while the other three are left to battle it out in a pressure test this week.

Have You Been Paying Attention?

Have You Been Paying Attention saw Maria Bamford, Kitty Flanagan, Aaron Chen, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang all compete to see who’s been paying attention the most with host Tom Gleisner and special guest quizmaster Cayla George.



On 7:30, the program looked into confusion over new vape laws, cutting-edge technology being deployed to combat the trafficking of Australian wildlife plus Sir Keir Starmer is the new prime minister of the UK.


Amazing Railway Adventures Nick Knowles

Nick Knowles’ journey begins at dawn in snowy Anchorage and takes him due north to the USA’s coldest city, Fairbanks, taking in the mighty Matanuska Glacier on the way. Arriving with the first snowfall of winter, Nick sets off on his 12-hour trip as dawn is breaking, giving sun-tinged views of the snow-capped mountain lining the track.

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