TV Report 6 June 2024: Maroons upset Blues by one point in Women’s State of Origin Game II

TV Report State of Origin

The Project spoke to Jon Bon Jovi.

TV Report 6 June 2024:

Nine TV Report

Women’s State of Origin – Game II

Nine’s draw for the evening was the Women’s State of Origin Game II which saw Queensland score a last-minute field goal to win the game 10-11. The series is now at 1-1 and will be decided in Townsville on June 27.

Seven TV Report

AFL – Adelaide v Richmond

On Seven, Adelaide went up against Richmond which saw Richmond take the win, beating the Crows 79-71 at Adelaide Oval.

Home & Away

Earlier in the night was Home & Away as Bree had to be honest with Nelson, Mali’s brother took shine to a Summer Bay local and Eden tried to broker peace between Cash and Remi.

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 reported young workers pushing for equal work and equal pay, looked into marathoner Liam Adams’ late Olympic call-up and spoke to Jon Bon Jovi.

MasterChef Australia

Last night’s challenge was to combine two nations’ cuisines into a tasty dish. The winning sauce from the challenge is set to be made available to buy in Coles stores around the country.

Taskmaster Australia

On 10’s Taskmaster Australia, contestants Josh Thomas, Jenny Tian, Lloyd Langford, Anne Edmonds and Wil Anderson took a bath and had to read unusual books in the live task.



7:30 investigated fears of another landslide in PNG’s remote highlands growing by the day and spoke to Louise, who fought for more than 25 years to keep her home, only to watch it be torn down.

Restoration Australia

Host Anthony Burke joined a dedicated couple doing all they can to preserve a variable slice of Australian history that would otherwise dissolve into the dirt and be lost forever.


DNA Family Secrets

Leigh only discovered that he might have a secret sister after his mum passed away, he is now wondering if his sister is still alive.

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