TV Report 4 June 2024: Three hikers come out on top during The Summit finale

TV Report

Sarah Ferguson interviewed Defence Minister Richard Marles during 7:30.

TV Report 4 June 2024:

Nine TV Report

The Summit

Nine’s evening began with the season finale of The Summit.

After a 15-day trek in the Alps of New Zealand’s South Island, Charlotte, Simmone, and Mat have come out on top from the 15 contestants who embarked on The Summit, claiming their share of the one million dollar prize.

The trio finally reached the summit and celebrated their victory. However, The Mountain’s Keeper revealed one final twist: Charlotte was given the power to decide the distribution of the prize pot – whether to share it or claim it all for herself.

On the valley floor, the winning hikers were met by those who had been eliminated. After deliberation, Charlotte chose to give $100,000 each to Simmone and Mat, reserving a sum of $336,000 for herself.

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program met with a party bus business that could be shut down despite not receiving any complaints and investigated the battle to provide miracle US cancer drug to sick Aussie children.

Seven TV Report

Dream Home

On Seven, Dream Home saw the contestants halfway through the second cycle of their Victorian Dream Homes. The teams were up to their necks in bold designs, tight budgets and drama that only comes from building a Dream Home.

Home & Away

Before Dream Home was Home & Away as Tane received his sentencing, Harper was left with mixed emotions and Summer Bay began to heal. 

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 looked into the residents terrified of their neighbourhood, investigated a breakthrough melanoma treatment and looked into how Aussies can get themselves out of debt disaster.

MasterChef Australia

On 10’s MasterChef, contestants faced off in a team service challenge where they were tasked with elevating traditional pub food.

The Cheap Seats

Taking a look at the week that was were The Cheap Seats hosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald as Mel Tracina, Tara Rushton and Jimmy Barnes joined in on the action.



7:30 looked into calls for the government to devote more funding to domestic violence services and Sarah Ferguson interviewed Defence Minister Richard Marles.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Former world number one tennis champion, Pat Rafter, looked into a story of scandal on his mother’s side and uncovered a surprising family fortune. 

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