TV Report 29 May 2024: Alone Australia season two comes to an end

The Summit gets a secret message from the Mountain’s Keeper.

TV Report 28 May 2024:

Nine TV Report

A Current Affair

Nine‘s A Current Affair looked into the news that the search for missing Ballarat mum Samantha Murphy had found new evidence, with police divers searching a dam after discovering what appeared to be a phone and wallet.

The Summit

A secret message from the Mountain’s Keeper warned that the group was moving too slowly and needed to leave one trekker behind by sneaking out in the middle of the night. While Tiffani was asleep, the five other trekkers crept away.

Seven TV Report

The 1% Club UK

Hosted by Lee Mack, one hundred contestants try to answer a series of questions and win up to £100,000.

The Front Bar

Sam Pang and Andy Maher were joined behind the bar by Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, with the trio chatting to Dwayne Russell

10 TV Report

The Project

10‘s The Project covered the hidden ‘tax’ on loyalty, and spoke with rock legends Cold Chisel

MasterChef Australia

After being eliminated in the last episode, Sav earned herself a place back in the competition, beating out other eliminated contestants. 


Hard Quiz

Tom Gleeson tested contestants’ knowledge on the trombone, video game The Last of Us, Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan and the DeLorean motorcar.


The panel dissected Garnier’s hair food and cottage cheese’s new secret weapon. Wil Anderson was joined by Todd Sampson, Kiranpreet Kaur Dhillon, Karen Ferry and Russel Howcroft.


Alone Australia – Season Two Finale

Aquaculturalist Krzysztof Wojtkowski won Alone Australia season two after surviving 64 days in New Zealand’s South Island. The 39-year-old outlasted nine other participants to win the prize of $250,000.

Alone Australia – Reunion

Hosted by Hamish Blake, the entire cast reunited for the first time since they were dropped into the terrain of New Zealand’s South Island.

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