TV Report 21 April 2024: Skye Wheatley crowned I’m A Celebrity winner

TV Report Skye Wheatley

A duo was sent home during LEGO Masters.

TV Report 21 April 2024:

Nine TV Report

LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World

Nine’s evening began with an elimination episode of LEGO Masters.  

Teams were faced with a back-to-back elimination as they tried to perfectly replicate a real object out of LEGO.

The teams had to select one item from Hamish and Brickman’s French bakery and replicate it in LEGO. At the end of the build, special guest Sophie Monk was tasked with guessing which items were real and which were fake. 

French duo Camille and Caroline were awarded 15 points out of 20 by Brickman, were overtaken by Aussies Charlie and Hayley and were eliminated from the competition. 

60 Minutes

Over on 60 Minutes, the team looked at how Australia’s $3.5bn fleet of Taipan helicopters are dangerous duds and how artificial intelligence wiped the smile off Willy Wonka’s face. 

Seven TV Report

Farmer Wants a Wife

On Seven, Farmer Wants A Wife saw the farmers and ladies put their game faces on for the first get-together at the annual Morrissette Country Show. 

As the ladies and the farmers were getting reacquainted in the showgrounds, Farmer Dean received a bombshell anonymous text: “Teegan, who you are currently filming with, has a boyfriend. She might be leading you on.”

After the news moved fast, a perturbed Teegan said: “A whole other farm has been talking about it. It just makes me worry that he’s going to question everything. My biggest fear is Dean will always doubt myself and not trust me.”

Seeing Teegan upset, Dean went to comfort her, which led Hayley to quit: “It’s so obvious that him and Teegan’s connection is like, very strong already. Is it worth waiting for a date?”

7NEWS Spotlight

Anne Hegerty from The Chase revealed childhood secrets that shocked plus Charles Wooley showed his amazing adventures on the Murray River.

10 TV Report

The Sunday Project

The Sunday Project chatted with Julie Goodwin, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton from Netflix’s Bridgerton. 

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

On 10’s I’m A Celebrity, social media star Skye Wheatley was named the 2024 I’m A Celebrity winner and had the jungle crown placed atop her head. 

With the votes tallied, it was time to say goodbye to Callum, who came an honourable third place. With two left standing, there could only be one winner, and for 2024 that winner was Skye Wheatley, who won $100,000 for her charity, Bully Zero.

Looking back on her time in the jungle, a tearful Skye said, “I’m so blessed to have experienced that. I want to say thank you to everyone here for having me.”

When it came to picking a highlight, Skye couldn’t pick just one. Instead, she said the entire experience was just one big highlight. “I feel like the whole journey, the whole experience has taught me so many things, and I just can’t wait to apply those things I’ve learned in the jungle in my everyday life.”

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