TV Report 19 May 2024: Travel Guides premieres in Northern India with two new guides

TV Report

The Project spoke to Grinspoon.

TV Report 19 May 2024:

Nine TV Report

Travel Guides

Nine’s evening began with the premiere of the new season of Travel Guides.

New guides Karly and Bri join the gang in Northern India and Nepal, where they stayed at an Ashram, frocked up at an Indian wedding and marvelled at the Taj Mahal. 

NRL – Storm v Eels

The Storm v Eels game on Nine saw the Storm dominate, winning the game 48-16 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Seven TV Report

Farmer Wants a Wife

On Seven, Farmer Wants A Wife saw the last day of the farm stays before the Farmers and ladies head to the big smoke for the Farmer Wants a Wife Black Tie evening. Emotions ran high and one lady was sent home.

7NEWS Spotlight

The program conducted a worldwide investigation into the ‘Kidney Cult’ operating in Australian suburbs and investigated if they played a part in a ‘Jonestown’ style tragedy that claimed the lives of 429 people. 

10 TV Report

The Sunday Project

The Sunday Project looked into women fighting back against medical misogyny, spoke to Noland Arbaugh on why he trialled the world’s first Neuralink chip and also spoke to Aussie legends, Grinspoon. 

MasterChef Australia

On 10’s MasterChef Australia, the ingredient gamble returned and so did Luke Nguyen. He brought with him an array of Southeast Asian ingredients that the contestants got to cook with in last night’s two-round elimination challenge.


Call the Midwife

Trixie supported an underage mother through a difficult time, Monica Joan welcomed an unusual guest to Nonntus House and Sister Veronica spearheaded a new council initiative. 

After the Party

Following Midwife was After the Party, as when a new accusation against Phil surfaced, Grace was terrified that he would abandon her again. Penny’s behaviour went from bad to worse.


Philae the Last Temples of Ancient Egypt

Today, in Egypt, the temples of Philae stand out as one of the most iconic attractions of the Ptolemaic era. Philae was the last stronghold of the ancient Egyptian religion. Located on the island of Aguilkia, the sanctuary was initially on the island of Philae, which is now underwater.

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