TV Report 11 June 2024: Old decisions come back to haunt Dream Home teams

TV Report

The Project spoke to Dean Lewis.

TV Report 11 June 2024:

Nine TV Report

Australian Swimming Trials

Nine’s evening began with Day 2 of the Australian Swimming Trials.

Coverage included finals of the Women’s & Men’s 100m Backstroke, Men’s 200m Freestyle & Men’s and Women’s 50m Freestyle MC. 

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program met with an Aussie charity saying it feels ‘deceived’ by a businessman in a failed lottery prize and spoke to locals who claim they lived with a gas smell for years before a deadly explosion. 

Seven TV Report

Dream Home

On Seven, Dream Home saw the teams haunted by old budget decisions, face risky pink designs, and the teams are rocked to their core when a secret is revealed.

Home & Away

Before Dream Home was Home & Away as John fretted over debris on the beach and Levi’s marriage looms large for Mackenzie. 

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 spoke to a Sydney surgeon who shared his experience working in Gaza, and also spoke to the Aussie planning to break the land speed record. The crew welcomed Dean Lewis to the desk. 

MasterChef Australia

On 10’s MasterChef, sweet week continues as Zumbo set a challenge that put a new twist on a classic. The cooks had to interpret the croquembouche in their own way.

The Cheap Seats

Taking a look at the week that was were The Cheap Seats hosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald as Mel Tracina, Adam Rozenbachs and comedian Jenny Tian joined in on the action.


Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things

From an airstrip in the Outback to a refugee’s photo, from a gum leaf to a women’s soccer trophy, Tony Armstrong continues to discover the story of Australia, one thing at a time.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Journalist, Melissa Doyle, sees her family tree come to life as she discovers the first of her paternal ancestors to cross the ocean to Australia, and on her maternal side, to travel to New Zealand. 

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