TV Ratings November 3, 2023: Better Homes and The Chase continue Seven’s Friday Night wins

TV Ratings

Afghanistan beat the Netherlands in the ICC World Cup

• 501,000 tuned in to A Current Affair

Total TV Ratings, October 27

ABC had the program with the highest lift on total TV Ratings as Sherwood lifted 45% for 616,000.

On Nine, A Current Affair increased by 8% to deliver a total TV Ratings audience of 758,000.

Overnight TV Ratings, November 3

Seven inched out the Friday night primary channel shares with 18.9% and also won the network share section with 28.2%. 10 Bold won the multichannels with 3.9%.

Seven’s The Chase aired to 435,000, while Better Homes and Gardens saw 352,000 as Joh and Pete checked out a house in Double Bay and Graham toured the Braes Garden in the Blue Mountains.

Nine’s A Current Affair saw 501,000 tune in as the program met with Tony Harrison, a snake catcher who gave details about how he survived his fifth bite by an eastern brown snake.

On ABC, Gardening Australia topped entertainment with 376,000, as Costa toured a potted paradise, Jane visited a legacy garden and Tammy dove into aquatic plants. Under the Vines also saw 301,000 tune in as Daisy came to terms with her new life.

On 10, 177,000 tuned into The Project and Have You Been Paying Attention? clocked 144,000 viewers. 

The highest-rated non-news program on SBS was Lost Treasures of Egypt with 89,000.


The Netherlands v Afghanistan ICC Cricket World Cup match saw 35,000 tune in on FOX Cricket as Afghanistan won by 7 wickets.

Credlin also saw 45,000 tune in on Sky News Live.

TV Ratings

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