TV Ratings November 17, 2023: Better Homes and Gardens wins Friday night for Seven

Nine aired Wonder Woman

• A Current Affair saw 462,000 tune in

Total TV Ratings, November 10

ABC had the program with the highest lift on total TV Ratings as Under The Vines lifted 26% for 461,000.

On Nine, A Current Affair increased by 8% to deliver a total TV Ratings audience of 678,000.

Overnight TV Ratings, November 17

Seven inched out the Friday night primary channel shares with 19% and also won the network share section with 29.3%. 7TWO and 10 Bold tied the multichannels with 3.6% each.

Seven’s The Chase aired to 413,000, while Better Homes and Gardens saw 378,000 as Adam made the perfect portable picnic party table and Joh learned all about four-wheel driving on a specially designed course.

Nine’s A Current Affair saw 462,000 tune in as the program met with an Aussie small business owner who is in a copyright battle with Kanye West.

On ABC, Gardening Australia topped entertainment with 341,000, as Jane explored a native garden, Tammy pruned potted plants, Millie started up her spring patch and Sophie tidied insect hotels. Under the Vines also saw 232,000 tune in as Daisy and Louis had to babysit a bank manager’s prize Turkey.

On 10, 145,000 tuned into The Project and The Bold and The Beautiful clocked 135,000 viewers. 

The highest-rated non-news program on SBS was Raising the Mary Rose: The Lost Tapes with 122,000.


Credlin saw 53,000 tune in on Sky News Live while Shetland saw 52,000 tune in on BBC First.

Malaysia’s Motogp Mini also saw 47,000 on Fox Sports 506.

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