TV Ratings November 10, 2023: South Africa knock Afghanistan out of the ICC Cricket World Cup

TV Ratings

Better Homes topped entertainment

• 454,000 tuned in to The Chase

Total TV Ratings, November 3

ABC had the program with the highest lift on total TV Ratings as Under The Vines lifted 20% for 503,000.

On Nine, A Current Affair increased by 7% to deliver a total TV Ratings audience of 744,000.

Overnight TV Ratings, November 10

Seven inched out the Friday night primary channel shares with 20.3% and also won the network share section with 31.3%. 7TWO won the multichannels with 3.8%.

Seven’s The Chase aired to 454,000, while Better Homes and Gardens saw 379,000 as Adam demonstrated some clock-making and Fast Ed cooked a traditional Christmas pudding.

Nine’s A Current Affair saw 438,000 tune in as the program met with a Brisbane man who was ordered to pack up his Christmas light display after a ‘Grinch’ complained to the local council.

On ABC, Gardening Australia topped entertainment with 348,000, as Clarence created a native banquet, Tammy visited a creative sloped garden and Costa met a team growing food for wildlife. Under the Vines also saw 247,000 tune in as Daisy goes on a date with a local doctor.

On 10, 178,000 tuned into The Project and Have You Been Paying Attention? clocked 158,000 viewers. 

The highest-rated non-news program on SBS was Lost Treasures of Egypt with 83,000.


The South Africa v Afghanistan ICC Cricket World Cup match saw 63,000 tune in on FOX Cricket as South Africa won by 5 wickets. Afghanistan are now knocked out of the World Cup and SA proceeds to the Semi-Finals. 

Credlin also saw 46,000 tune in on Sky News Live.

TV Ratings

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