TV Guide Tuesday April 26

The Mediaweek guide to what to watch on TV tonight.
 Selections curated by Andrew Mercado (AM), James Manning (JM), and Dan Barrett (DB).

My Kitchen Rules 7.30pm on Seven
The biggest show of 2016 (and by a mile too) comes to an end tonight with Carmine and Lauren versus Tasia and Gracia. At stake are $250,000 and endless cooking segments on morning shows. If Seven didn’t get the casting for this show right, it wouldn’t work so well year after year – so well done to them for still ruling the roost with this enduring franchise. (AM)

MKR final

Veep 7.30pm on showcase
Series 5 of the Julia Louis-Dreyfus American politics sitcom airs here about 36 hours after screening in the US. And given it has already being renewed for a sixth series, there are still plenty of laughs ahead. Probably more Emmys too given it has already won nine, including five for its last series. (AM)

VEEP 502

VEEP 502

Keeping Australia Alive 8.30pm on ABC
If you have missed this so far, and the ratings indicate many people have managed to overlook it, tune in to the final instalment in the seven-part series. This project was a massive undertaking with the ABC commissioning ITV Studios Australia under CEO David Mott to track the Australian health care system across a single day using 100 cameras. Some of the cases featured in the last episode are Kerrie needing bypass surgery, Jack undergoing his transition from female to male and, in a world-first clinical trial, Adam prepares himself for the results of his melanoma scans. In addition to Mott, some of Australia’s finest TV people were involved: executive producer Karen Dewey, series producer Elle Gibbons, ITV head of content Ben Ulm, ABC commissioning editor Matt Scully and ABC head of factual Steve Bibb. (JM)

Reno Rumble 9pm on Nine
Nine made a quick program adjustment to screen Cats vs Dogs from 7.30pm up against MKR rather than the advertised Married At First Sight (now bumped to tomorrow). The best Reno Rumble can hope for is a few bored viewers switching over at the end of MKR – but after nearly three hours of cooking, who will still have enough brain cells to stick around till 10.35pm to see who wins this one? Shelley Craft told TV Week yesterday that if the show had “run at any other time of year, we would have seen great ratings numbers”. Bravely she hopes it will return next year. (AM)

reno rumble

Thronecast, Season 6 10 .30pm on showcase
If you want a closer look at Game Of Thrones, showcase has it for you tonight. Now taking its place as Australia’s most-watched subscription TV program ever, GoT is one bandwagon you should be on. Accompanying every episode of Game of Thrones, Thronecast features exclusive interviews with the cast, insights into the world of Westeros and beyond and previews of what’s in store. The program is the official catch-up up show from Sky in the UK, which screens the HBO series. Hosts are Jamie East and comedian Rachel Parris. (JM)


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