TV Guide: The Amazing Race Australia season two on 10

Season two has added some new race rules

Grab your backpack, throw on your runners, and leave your passport behind because The Amazing Race Australia is about to set off across the country. The first episode airs Monday, February 1 at 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

This season, 14 competitive teams will race across the nation taking part in challenges, all with their eyes on the $250,000 prize.

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Former professional NRL player, Beau Ryan, returns as the host for The Amazing Race Australia season two. As before, he’ll be dolling out rewards and punishment, and ultimately keeping teams in check. 

With the new season comes the addition of new race rules – some considered an advantage, and some, not so much. For season two of The Amazing Race Australia, the winning team of a non-elimination leg gains two massive advantages:

Firstly, they do not have to compete in the next leg. Instead, they receive a First Class Pass and are rewarded with some kind of luxury experience while the other teams continue to race.

Secondly, they will return to the Pit Stop for the arrivals of the final two teams and choose to Salvage one and Sabotage the other.

SALVAGE: A bonus or advantage of some kind given to one team. For example, the team may receive a personal driver for the next leg, they may get extra money, or they may be allowed to know what the Roadblock challenge is before they choose who attempts it.

SABOTAGE: A disadvantage or setback given to one team, and feared by The Amazing Race contestants. For example, the team may need to complete the leg with one of the team members blindfolded or tied together, they may lose all their money, or they may even have to do it barefoot.

T-JUNCTION: A huge challenge day, only once in the Race, where all racers are split into two massive super-teams. The super-teams will be chosen by the first racers to reach the T-Junction board at the head of the episode. They will pick their super-team and the remaining teams will form the second group. The teams will move through the entire race day in these two groups. Whichever group checks in second at the Pit Stop, will choose to eliminate a team from their group themselves.

A full list of The Amazing Race Australia’s cast can be found here.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

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The Amazing Race Australia premieres Monday, 1 February At 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

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