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• The Amazing Race has been applauded for the diversity in its casting before

The new season of The Amazing Race Australia premieres February 1, at 7:30pm on 10, and with it comes a whole new cast. This season features 14 teams who will have to face red dirt, rainforest and everything in between as the 2021 season makes the most of what Australia has to offer.

Some things have stayed the same, though. The Amazing Race has been applauded for reflecting the faces of modern Australia through the diversity in its casting before, and this year’s lineup is no exception. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, the 28 travellers will bulldoze their way through challenges, Roadblocks, Sabotages and more, competing for the grand prize of $250,000.



Alex and Jack, NSW, ‘The Twin Models’

Self-confessed dark horses of the competition, the aspiring actors have modelled for the likes of Mecca Maxima, Hugo Boss, and even appeared in Golden Gaytime and Krispy Kreme commercials.

As twins, none of the other teams know each other better than Alex and Jack. Although they bicker endlessly, Jack describes Alex as his ‘favourite human’. They think alike and both love finding opportunities and experiences to satisfy their inner child.

Jaskirat and Anurag, NSW, ‘The Super Sikhs’

Having met at a Summer Sikh youth camp 10 years ago, best mates Jaskirat and Anurag are extremely proud of their culture and want to show Australia what the Sikh fighting spirit is all about! Both men love being the centre of attention and would use the prize money to travel the globe.

From trekking the Inca Trail to hiking Mt Agung, Jaskirat and Anurag’s mental and physical strength, as well as their ability to adapt is their biggest advantage.

Ashleigh and Amanda, QLD, ‘The Gold Coast Girls’

Influencers Ashleigh and Amanda met by commenting on each other’s Instagram posts, and have been best friends ever since. Physically fit and smarter than they let on, Ashleigh and Amanda are looking to challenge themselves and strengthen their friendship along the way.

The only thing Ashleigh isn’t looking forward to is the rush. “I suffer from FOMO, so I’m not looking forward to visiting incredible places and being in too much of a rush to enjoy and explore them,” she said.

Brendon and Jackson, NSW, ‘The Cowboys’

Brendon and Jackson met through rodeoing over 10 years ago. The pair are no strangers to adventure, but they have their limits: Jackson’s one request is “don’t throw a brown snake at me”, and Brendon is petrified of frogs.

The young dads would use the $250,000 prize money on their kids… and to get a new set of teeth for Brendon.

Chris and Aleisha, QLD, ‘The Geek and the Princess’

Aleisha has spent the last 12 years working as a princess in Disneyland, and with her self-proclaimed nerdy husband Chris by her side, the pair will do whatever it takes to win – even if it means cheating or manipulating other teams with their sweetness.

Known for spontaneously bursting into song, the newlyweds would use the prize money to help others, as well as to set up their futures.

Shane and Deb, NSW, ‘The Parents’

It’s been a tough road for this team in the lead up to The Amazing Race, Shane was diagnosed with prostate cancer and Deb – who is also a firefighter – lost her gym during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite that, they never stopped trying to help those around them. 

Shane’s health has taken a positive turn, but throughout his illness the couple’s finances took a hit, so the $250,000 grand prize would help them bounce back. Shane says the first thing he’d do is have a BBQ to thank all the people that helped him while he was unwell.

Dwes and Katherine, WA, ‘The Kimberly Cousins’

Cousins Dwes and Katherine are living proof that opposites work well together. AFLW player Katherine is the brawn of the pair, while Dwes brings confidence and strategic skills to the game. Representing Western Australia, the pair want to be positive role models for their community. They hope that by running the race, they’ll inspire their community and young Aboriginal Australians to dream big.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Holly and Dolor, NSW, ‘The Power Couple’

Holly is the youngest internal investment banking lawyer at her workplace, where she works on the stock exchange floor. Dolor is a former professional soccer player and is related to the Nigerian Royal Family. The pair have already proven themselves to have tons of ambition and the drive to work hard, which should serve them well as a part of The Amazing Race cast.

Jobelle and Rani, VIC, ‘The Daughter and Dad’

Rani and Jobelle moved to Australia 13 years ago. As a child in the Philippines, Jobelle promised herself that she would one day go on The Amazing Race with her dad, and here they are. Host Beau Ryan admitted he initially underestimated this pair, saying that compared to the rest of The Amazing Race Australia‘s cast, “They were underdogs from the get-go mainly because of Rani’s age and just looking at the physical prowess of everyone else, but jeez was I wrong.”

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Jordan and Violeta, VIC, ‘The Dancing Exes’

Dance partners turned racers, Jordan and Violeta dated in high school but are now close friends and dance partners who have travelled the globe. They’ve represented Australia at the highest level of dance, and it’s taken a lot of cash to get there. Jordan says that the prize money will help them get their lives into a more positive place, financially.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Jude and Shannon, QLD, ‘The Mums’

Jude and Shannon are best friends who met through their kids, nearly 20 years ago. As devoted mums, running the race means they’ll finally be able to do something for themselves – with no husband or kids to wrangle. Jude says that the best part of travelling together is that there are zero boundaries between them, so they call it as they see it and are constantly laughing.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Malaan and Tina, VIC, ‘The Childhood Friends’

Malaan and Tina are high achievers. Malaan is an international model, studying towards a degree in Business, and is a fitness lover. Tina is a Senior Policy Advisor, with an interest in politics, and is ultracompetitive. Born in South Sudan, they moved to other parts of Africa as refugees before making their way to Australia. They’ve travelled internationally together but are excited for the opportunity to explore their backyard as a part of The Amazing Race Australia.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Sefa and Jessica, NSW, ‘The Besties’

Sefa and Jess have been riling each other up for the past 10 years and are ready to take their unfiltered friendship on tour. Determined to win, and mow down anyone in their way, Sefa and Jess love trash-talk, sarcasm, and getting on each other’s nerves. Sefa describes being cast on The Amazing Race Australia as a once in a lifetime opportunity, something you just don’t say ‘no’ to. 

Both are from a Polynesian background and would use the prize money to help support their tight-knit families.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

Skye-Blue and Jake, VIC, ‘The Siblings’

Skye-Blue and Jake aren’t just siblings, they’re also friends and experienced travel buddies. While they get along most of the time, they’ve been known to have a squabble or two when Skye-Blue gets hangry.

Skye-Blue was born without a left hand but after a lifetime of people underestimating her, Skye-Blue has kept her determination to prove she can do absolutely anything she wants.

the Amazing Race Australia cast

The Amazing Race Australia premieres with its new cast Monday, 1 February At 7.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

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