The Cube with Andy Lee coming to 10 on February 24

The Cube

• Premiering Wednesday, 24 February at 7.30pm

Australia’s ultimate skill test The Cube, may look easy, but with a shot at a whopping $250,000 on the line, it’s anything but.

Premiering on 10 Wednesday, 24 February at 7.30pm, Andy Lee hosts the edge-of-your-seat, family-entertainment game show putting everyday Aussies’ back in their boxes.

The format comes from the British series The Million Pound Cube (known as The Cube from 2009–2015), which has run for 10 seasons and 85 episodes.

The premise is simple – players are placed in a small, enclosed 4m x 4m x 4m Perspex cube, to take on deceivingly simple tasks.

From throwing to catching, estimating to balancing, memorising to reacting, contestants have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide once inside The Cube.

The show was announced in December last year, with Lee commenting “Things get tense with me and my mates when we play skill games to determine who’s going to get the next round of beers at the pub, imagine doing it for a quarter of million dollars. I can’t wait!”

Head of programming, 10 ViacomCBS, Daniel Monaghan, said: “Andy Lee is one of the most popular and talented comedians in Australia, and we are thrilled he will host this brilliant series.

The Cube has been a huge success in the UK for years, and to bring this edge-of-your-seat game show to Australia for a local prime time version, with Andy Lee no less, is a fantastic addition to our 2021 schedule.”

Below is a view inside The Cube And where Lee points out, every single game is doable. It just comes down to: can you do it? 

The Cube Australia is an ITV Studios production for Network 10. Andy Lee will also serve as an executive producer.  Lee and ITV Australia previously worked together on Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

The Cube was originally produced by Objective Media Group, an all3mediacompany, for ITV in the UK.

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