November 23: Super scary plane landings and 30 years of Aussie music

TV critic Andrew Mercado’s rundown on what to watch on the box tonight

ARIA Awards 7.30pm on Ten

Congratulations to these Aussie awards reaching their 30th milestone tonight! I am definitely in the mood for some local music after counting down the top ARIA moments on the FOX8 special last weekend (and yes, the car crash/water bottle performance from Madison Avenue is still hilarious, even after all these years). Tonight, expect to see deadset legends such as Jimmy Barnes, Bernard Fanning, Jessica Mauboy and Crowded House (the latter being inducted into Hall of Fame), along with John Farnham reportedly closing the show with The Voice. And international guests are Swedish sensation Tove Lo and Robbie Williams who KILLED it last night with one of the greatest interviews ever seen on The Project. Can’t wait guys.

10 To One 7.30pm on Seven

20 To One returned to Nine in 2016 and now Seven is doing its own version, but I’m not quite sure halving the content makes it sound more enticing. The tone will clearly be more serious given they are counting down Australian TV’s top 10 news stories from the last 60 years. Meanwhile, Fitzy and Wippa are doing Outrageous Sports Stars tomorrow on Nine but it’s a rerun tinged with sadness for the boys given they have been replaced for the next series by Erin Molan and Dave Thornton.

Super Scary Plane Landings 8.40pm on Nine

There are going to be a lot of one-off shows with silly long-winded titles as we head into the non-ratings period and networks stuff whatever cheap special they can find into their schedule. Luckily with names such as Weird Wonders of the World (Monday on GEM) and Never Teach Your Wife To Drive (Tuesday on Seven), it’s all pretty self-explanatory.

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