TV Guide: Australian Ninja Warrior grand final on Nine and 9Now

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• The grand final airs over two nights on July 5th and July 6th at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

Last year’s Australian Ninja Warrior ended with Mt Midoriyama being conquered. Now the show is ready to see if history can repeat itself when the grand final airs over two nights on Monday July 5th and Tuesday July 6th at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

More than 200 aspiring everyday athletes have been training day in and day out to prepare for their turn to take on the world’s toughest and most renowned obstacle course. Mums and dads, tradies and farmers, students and business owners from all over Australia will put their bodies on the line to see if they have what it takes to conquer Mt Midoriyama and win the title of Australian Ninja Warrior 2021.

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The Grand Final course is the most difficult yet, and it comes to a head at the mighty Mt Midoriyama. After being conquered by Ben Polson and two other Ninjas last year, the 22 metre-high monster is seeking revenge and has morphed into its most challenging form ever. Once they reach the base of Midoriyama, each Ninja must scale the seven-metre Chimney Climb, the seven-metre Salmon Ladder (20 rungs) and the seven-metre Rope Climb to reach the summit and be crowned Australian Ninja Warrior.

The competitor who goes furthest on the Grand Final course in the fastest time will be the Season 5 winner and will take home $100,000. However, the competitor who conquers Mt Midoriyama in the fastest time will win an additional $100,000 and take home the title of Australia’s Ninja Warrior.

There are three stages to the Australian Ninja Warrior Grand Final.

Stage One

The Top 28 compete against the clock – in order to progress to Stage Two they must complete all obstacles on the course in 5min 35sec.

Stage Two

All the Ninjas who completed Grand Final Stage One within the time limit can attempt Stage Two, with the clock counting down from 3min 35sec.

They must complete the Stage Two course in the time limit to then progress to Stage Three.

If no one completes Stage Two, the Ninja who goes the furthest and fastest will be declared the winner and take home $100,000.

If a Ninja hits the buzzer within the 3 minutes and 35 seconds time limit, they are through to Stage Three of the Grand Final.

Stage Three

All Ninjas who complete Stage Two within the time limit may attempt Stage Three and be in the running to win $100,000. With Stage Three, there is no clock on the course or time limit.

They must complete all obstacles to progress to Mt Midoriyama.

The Ninja who makes it furthest on the course in the fastest time will be deemed the winner and will pocket the $100,000 prize.

If a Ninja completes Stage Three of the course, they have earned the right to scale the seven metre Chimney Climb, seven metre Salmon Ladder and the seven metre Rope Climb to the top of Mt Midoriyama. The Ninja who conquers Mt Midoriyama will win the series and claim the title of Australian Ninja Warrior and a $200,000 total prize.

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