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Trending at Mediaweek: 40 years of Triple J, Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black + social media reaction to Joe Hockey

1. Forty Years of Triple J

The ABC-owned youth radio station has really kept the party going to celebrate turning 40 this year. Following a concert at the start of the year, triple j has been delving into the archives with two hourly flashbacks per day. Every hour is themed around a year in music since 1975, and has run the gamut from Oasis to The Sex Pistols to Chet Faker. Availability through the triple j website means there’s no excuse not to party like it’s 1989 at your desk every day at 10 am and 3pm

Triple J 40 years of music

2. Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black

One of the world’s biggest series returns on Friday, and fans can watch via Netflix or Foxtel, who are screening the premiere on Showcase from 2pm on Friday – the same time it becomes available on Netflix. Former MTV VJ Ruby Rose has joined the cast, following an invitation from showrunner Jenji Kohan. Judging by the previews circulating, Rose keeps her Aussie accent (always good to see), and becomes entangled in a love triangle with the show’s protagonist, Piper Chapman (AKA Taylor Schilling). For more on Rose and her US debut, click here.


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3. The Good Weekend Quiz

I come for the great features journalism, and I stay to humiliate myself at general knowledge. Many a beautiful Saturday morning has been passed at my house sitting in the sun reading the Good Weekend, which comes inside The Sydney Morning Herald every Saturday. Benjamin Law‘s observations on life, Danny Katz‘s etiquette tips and phenomenal journalism examining everything from breast cancer funding to profiles of prominent Australians all grab and keep my attention, but it’s the lighthearted, wide-ranging quiz that always tops off the Good Weekend for me. If you can get more than 50% (with or without giving yourself half points for things you were sort of right about), then you are much smarter than I.

The Good Weekend

4. The AFR‘s Knowledge Project

Mentoring is big buzzword in the industry, but sometimes you don’t need a whole mentor relationship – just a word of advice. The AFR‘s Knowledge Project is set to provide just that, in collecting the wisdom of senior execs across the Australian business community, whom it invites to share the one piece of advice they’d like to pass on. If you’re going to get advice from anyone, these seem to be the guys to get it from!

5. Social media’s response to Joe Hockey

On Tuesday, Joe Hockey suggested that Sydney’s housing market is affordable, and to get in the door all you need to do is get a good job. No matter your stance on his politics or housing prices, the ensuing Twitter banter – including suggestions of “be rich; don’t not be rich” and a bevy of photoshopped images – made for a good giggle.

Joe Hockey meme

Joe Hockey Simpson meme

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