Top 10 Game Charts: Red Dead back on top

• No new games joining the fray this week.

By Cam Shea, editor in chief, IGN Australia

Red Dead Redemption II is back at the top this week, showing – much like the next three games in the top 10: Black Ops 4, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and FIFA 19 – that it has true mainstream appeal, in addition to being a critical darling and the most anticipated title for gamers this year. The story of Red Dead Redemption II is only just getting started too, with the recent beta launch of Red Dead Online. This mode turns the game’s sprawling expanse of the Old West into a multiplayer playground, in which players can form up posses and go on missions together, or enter into player versus player shoot-outs. It promises to be an interesting experiment, as it’s far more grounded than the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto Online. You can check out IGN’s initial impressions here.

There’s little else of note in the rest of the charts, with no new games joining the fray this week.

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