After 15 years in a number of roles, The Australian loses its Viscount

• Until this week he was The Australian’s media diarist

At the end of his last Media Diary, The Australian’s Stephen Brook has farewelled his readers today:

That’s it from me. This week I am leaving The Australian newspaper after about 15 years. Thanks very much for all those belter Diary tips but most of all for taking the time to read this oblong each week.

I am taking a short sabbatical before popping up somewhere next year to delight and torment you all.

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A former media editor of The Australian, Brook spent eight years in Britain before re-joining The Australian in 2011. Brook is a former deputy editor of and was previously features editor at The Australian. He also edited the much-admire A Plus section at the paper and for a time was also deputy editor of the much-admired colour lift-out Wish.

Until this week he was The Australian’s media diarist, and he also hosts Behind the Media, a weekly interview podcast with journalists, writers, and other media careerists.

After graduating from Sydney University, Brook started his career as a journalist with News Corp Australia in 1995.

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Top Photo: Brook (front and centre) with News Corp Australia colleagues after The Weekend Australian again won News Brand of the Year. Also pictured are Michael Miller (far left), Nicholas Gray and John Lehmann (left and right of Brook) and Michelle Gunn (far right)

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