Top 10 Game Charts: Anthem stays top 3 in quiet week

• This weeks list is heavy on legacy games

By Cam Shea, editor in chief, IGN Australia

Wow. And I thought there was nothing to say last week. It’s a good thing I write these blurbs on a Friday afternoon alongside a strengthening beer.

So here we go. This week is basically the same as last week, with Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled, Super Mario Maker 2, and, somewhat inexplicably, Anthem (although, let’s face it, the game is pretty great value for $15) remaining the top three selling games at retail. Other than the excellent builder/RPG Dragon Quest Builders 2, which just managed to squeak in at number 10, all the other titles are legacy games. That’s partly a reflection of a paucity of new releases, but it’s also a reflection of the fact that games like Super Mario Odyssey (which pops in and out regularly) and Minecraft (which would mostly be purchased digitally but is popular enough and on enough platforms that it’s not surprising to see it here) are evergreen games. There is no reason NOT to buy them in 2019 if you’ve never played them. Hell, I myself have only just started playing Minecraft and that game is TEN YEARS OLD.

In summary, there may not be many new games to choose from, but the people of Australia are still making solid gaming choices. Bravo, everyone.

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