The Sydney Power 100: Nicole Kidman ranks well down the list

• Today the paper reveals those ranked between 81 and 100

The Daily Telegraph has started to drip feed its list of the 100 Most Powerful People in Sydney.

Today the paper reveals those ranked between 81 and 100, with another 20 to follow each day until the top 20 are revealed in Friday’s newspaper.

The introduction from News Corp’s Jennifer Sexton says:

As Sydney-born former Prime Minister Paul Keating said, if you don’t live in Sydney, you’re just camping out. Canberra may be our political capital. Melbourne likes to brag it’s our sporting capital. But the power capital is unarguably Sydney.

It’s where the big deals are done, in politics, in business, in sport, in media, in entertainment, in property. It’s all big. Bigger egos. Bigger grudges. Bigger mansions.

Hence there’s more at stake. The urge to win is that much greater here.

As Sydney’s biggest and brightest newspaper, The Daily Telegraph has been chronicling this endless battle for nearly 140 years.

So, it’s perhaps overdue that we enshrine that contest into our inaugural Sydney Power 100.

Media people at the lower end of the scale include actor Deborah Mailman (#96), Film and fashion power couple Joel Edgerton and Christine Centenera (#82) plus actor and producer Nicole Kidman who was ranked #81.

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