The Australian TV Demand Report: The top SVOD trends and digital originals

• Australian audiences expressed the highest demand for digital original series from Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+

Parrot Analytics‘ have released their Global Television Demand Report and the SVOD platform demand share of digital originals for 2019 for all major markets including Australia.

This reveals the top digital original series representing the most successful original content produced by SVOD platforms around the world and which were most successful in Australia.

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This data was derived by measuring global content demand. Consumers express their demand for content through multiple “demand expression platforms” including video streaming platforms, social media platforms, photo sharing platforms, blogging and micro-blogging platforms, fan and critic rating platforms, peer-to-peer protocols and file sharing platforms. Parrot Analytics captured the expressions of demand from these sources and combines them, using the power of advanced artificial intelligence, into a weighted measure of demand called Demand Expressions.

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Meaning that the differences in demand for content between markets can be empirically measured even if that content has not yet been officially released in that market.

Australia TV Demand

In 2019 audience demand for digital originals in Australia closely mirrors the average demand breakdown across genres for countries in this report. Similar to other English speaking countries, Australian audiences express a relatively high share of demand for digital original reality series. With just under half being for drama series this is slightly below average compared to other international markets.

Sci-fi drama is the most popular digital original subgenre in Australia in 2019, also we are just one of four countries where comedy drama is in the top three most in demand subgenres for 2019.

Australian audiences expressed the highest demand for digital original series from Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, with 13.0% and 1.5% respectively. While Netflix had one of the lowest demand shares for the year in Australia capturing 54.8% of demand for digital original series in 2019.

Netflix’s declining share continued to accelerate in the second half of 2019, partly driven by growing demand for Amazon Prime Video digital originals plus the addition of new platforms Apple TV+ and Disney+ in November.

The most in-demand digital original series in Australia was Netflix’s Stranger Things which had 46 times the demand of the average show in Australia. This was followed by The Handmaid’s Tale in Australia with 18.9 times the demand for the average title. 

Disney+’s The Mandalorian was the best performer from the platforms launched in 2019 becoming the tenth most in-demand digital original series  with 11.9 times the demand of the average title. 

In Australia, Netflix has the lowest share of demand for digital original dramas of all markets in the report. With 55.5% of demand it is more than 5% below the average demand share in 2019.

Australian audiences express the highest share of demand for digital original dramas from Amazon Prime Video (16.1%), Apple TV+ (2.6%), and Hulu (12.6%).

In the trend chart we can see that Apple TV+ cut into both Netflix and Hulu’s share of demand at the end of the year. The new platform was able to capture 2.6% of demand for digital original dramas in 2019.

DC Universe titles account for the largest share of Australian demand for action/adventure digital originals in 2019 with 36.4%.

Amazon Prime Video grew its demand share through successful series such as The Boys, however, it lost steam with the introduction of Disney+

The 24-month trend shows how DC Universe overtook Netflix as the most demanded platform for action/adventure digital originals in 2019. However, in December 2019, the demand for Disney+ (33.1%) actually surpassed DC Universe (28.6%).

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