Summer TV Ratings, January 8, 2024: Will Cash find Eden on Home and Away?

Home and Away will cash find eden drama

Planet Earth III puts the spotlight on humans

• The Thunder went up against the Scorchers in the Big Bash
• Home and Away season premiere tops prime-time entertainment

Overnight TV Ratings, January 8

Share summary

Nine won Monday night with a primary share of 18.8%, however, Seven took out the top network share with 31.1%.

7Two has won multi-channels with a 5% share.

Seven received a primary share of 18.4% and Nine had a network share of 29.1%.

10 took a 9% primary share and a network share of 15.4%.


628,000 watched Nine’s A Current Affair as the team spoke to Boy Swallows Universe writer Trent Dalton about how his popular novel has been turned into an eight-part series for Netflix.

Then, 350,000 watched Planet Earth III as Sir David Attenborough explored humans.

A repeat of Australian Crime Stories followed for 192,000 focusing on Renae Marsden.


411,000 began their evening with the series return of Seven’s Home and Away. Cash sounded the alarm that Eden was missing and Bree’s personal and professional lives collided as Remi was brought into the hospital unconscious.

269,000 stayed on for the Big Bash. The Thunder faced off against the Scorchers at Sydney Showground Stadium. The Scorchers won by seven wickets (five balls left) finishing 140/3 (19.1) to 137/8 (20). 


On 10, viewers tuned in to The Project (202,000 7.00 pm) as the team looked at the renewed calls for pill testing to be introduced after eight people were rushed to hospital after suspected drug overdoses. 

A repeat of the film Jack Reacher then followed which followed a homicide investigator as he digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. Suddenly what seemed like a simple case took an unlikely turn. 209,000 tuned in.


410,000 watched the series return of ABC’s 7.30 put the spotlight on the aftermath of Japan’s New Year’s Day earthquake. Plus, actor Simon Baker spoke about starring in Boy Swallows Universe and the program looked at the rise of the mullet. 

252,000 then watched The Search for the Palace Letters. The documentary told the story of Professor Jenny Hocking, the historian who took on the Australian Government and HM Queen Elizabeth II in a landmark legal battle – and won.

A repeat of Harley & Katya followed for 122,000.


Over on SBS, 120,000 tuned in to see Jonathan Ross’ Myths and Legends.

Then, Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South reached 138,000.

Total TV Ratings, January 1

534,000 caught ABC’s Pick of The Litterup 12%.

391,000 tuned in to ABC’s Imitation Game, up 11%.

321,000 watched Nine’s United Cup, up 8%.

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